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Tea & Coffee World Cup

Matthew Barry Profile Picture
Matthew Barry Consultant - Beverages

Session date and time:

8 Sep 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM -

8 Sep 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM

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Tea & Coffee World Cup brings together the entirety of the industry – from bean and leaf to cup, held virtually for 2021. The one-day live event, launching on 8th September 2021 with additional exposure for one month, 24/7 on-demand access, assembles delegates and suppliers from across the world and the entire industry, maximising the channels of communication between key decision makers and innovators from the international tea and coffee industries and whole supply chain.

Visit https://www.tcworldcup.com for more information.

Session title: The Lasting Effects of COVID-19 on Coffee and Tea

Session description: Euromonitor International will explore how the COVID-19 pandemic will shape coffee and tea demand around the world in the long term. This “new normal” will include economic aftershocks from the pandemic, shifting consumption occasions caused by changed working patterns and increased consumer interest in emerging functional products. Attendees will gain insight into the differing rates at which the major coffee and tea markets will emerge from the pandemic.

Speaker name: Matthew Barry, Senior Beverages Consultant

Latest Content


The Socialisation Paradox: A Dichotomy of Consumer Comfort

Amy Rollinson

Amy Rollinson

16 May 22

Consumers are approaching a return to pre-pandemic life in different ways based on their comfort levels. Certain consumers are eager, whilst others are hesitant, to resume their normal activities, creating The Socialisation Paradox. This impacts a range of industries, from travel, food service, alcoholic drinks and home. Some consumers will continue to invest in making their home a sanctuary, while others will seek hedonistic endeavors. For some, foreign travel is an exciting prospect, while anxiety of others continues to buoy domestic tourism.


UK-Australia FTA: Opportunities for the Food and Drink Industry

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

10 May 22 | GMT: 10:00 AM

Ahead of the future strengthened trading relationship between the UK and Australia, Austrade together with the FDF would like to explore opportunities, gaps and trends across food and drink in both countries.


Africa's Big 7

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

Johannesburg 20 Jun 22 | SAST: 11:00 AM

Africa's Big 7 is now entering its 19th edition, and it continues to be a trusted partner aligned with the needs of the industry - to offer quality, affordable food and beverage products that cater to the ever-increasing demands of consumers. Africa's Big 7 brings together the best in the food & beverage business to identify growth opportunities and to close deals.


Inelastic Demand Protects Coffee and Tea Industries from Inflation

Matthew Barry

Matthew Barry

14 Apr 22

While many industries have been aggressively engaging in SKU rationalisation and other cost-cutting tactics, the hot drinks industry has largely passed inflationary cost increases onto consumers. This is primarily because demand for coffee, tea and other hot beverage tends to be fairly inelastic. Consumers have historically changed where they get their drinks or what brands they purchase, but rarely will they stop drinking them entirely. However, with inflationary pressures growing, this will increasingly be put to the test.


Can Cider Recapture Consumer Imagination?

Anna Ward

Anna Ward

12 Apr 22

Cider has seemingly fallen out of favour in recent years. Limited media coverage illustrates the lack of enthusiasm surrounding the category compared to adjacent alternatives. The variety available is poorly appreciated, and perception issues still need to be overcome. Yet, in theory, cider aligns well with many current priorities.


Natural Products Expo West 2022: Highlights of Beverage Innovation

Howard Telford

Howard Telford

24 Mar 22

Our recap of Natural Products Expo West, the US’s largest exhibition of natural foods, beverages, supplements and personal care products, held from March 8-12, 2022, at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

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