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Tea & Coffee World Cup

Matthew Barry Profile Picture
Matthew Barry Consultant - Beverages

Session date and time:

8 Sep 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM -

8 Sep 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM

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Tea & Coffee World Cup brings together the entirety of the industry – from bean and leaf to cup, held virtually for 2021. The one-day live event, launching on 8th September 2021 with additional exposure for one month, 24/7 on-demand access, assembles delegates and suppliers from across the world and the entire industry, maximising the channels of communication between key decision makers and innovators from the international tea and coffee industries and whole supply chain.

Visit https://www.tcworldcup.com for more information.

Session title: The Lasting Effects of COVID-19 on Coffee and Tea

Session description: Euromonitor International will explore how the COVID-19 pandemic will shape coffee and tea demand around the world in the long term. This “new normal” will include economic aftershocks from the pandemic, shifting consumption occasions caused by changed working patterns and increased consumer interest in emerging functional products. Attendees will gain insight into the differing rates at which the major coffee and tea markets will emerge from the pandemic.

Speaker name: Matthew Barry, Senior Beverages Consultant

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Explorando la era de alimentos on-demand

Rocio Franco

Rocio Franco

29 Sep 22 | UTC Time: 03:00 PM

Este evento de Euromonitor International analiza el panorama macroeconómico de América Latina y los hábitos de consumo de alimentos a través del delivery.


Using the Soft Drinks Price Tracker to Explore Pricing Dynamics: Spotlight on Coca-Cola in Brazil

Howard Telford

Howard Telford

5 Aug 22

Euromonitor International has launched its latest dashboard: the Soft Drinks Price Tracker. With unit price inflation still top of mind for suppliers and retailers across the global beverages industry, the Price Tracker dashboard allows subscribers to monitor product price movements, and assortment and pack size pricing strategies across categories and brands in the online channel.


FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar: Raising a Drink, From a Dry Nation to the World

Jacob Adib

Jacob Adib

28 Jul 22

Qatar, a small conservative Islamic Arab emirate, is set to host the FIFA World Cup in December 2022. This has implications for consumers who want to consume alcohol, as at present access to alcoholic drinks is restricted to tourists and non-Muslim expatriates. Qatari law stipulates that only liquor license holders can buy and consume alcohol within the emirate.


Hydration Beverages: Blurring the Lines Between Sports Drinks and Consumer Health

Carmen Silva

Carmen Silva

28 Jun 22

Sports drinks and consumer health categories continue to blur the lines in 2022 as consumers increasingly value functionality of hydration products but also face restrictions in the product offering as brand haven't been able to keep up with increasing demand. We will explore the opportunities for both industries moving ahead.


Drinks On the Doorstep: The Rise of Domestic UK Wine and Spirits

Anna Ward

Anna Ward

17 Jun 22

According to Euromonitor’s latest research on alcoholic drinks, the UK is showing a clear trend towards domestic products with a distinctive, modern heritage and premium cachet. Anna Ward explores this burgeoning trend, and asks how sustainable it is, given the cost of living crisis and rising inflation.


Sustainable Food and Drinks: The Role of Regulators, Consumers and Businesses

Maria Mascaraque

Maria Mascaraque

14 Jun 22

Listen to the conversation with Maria Mascaraque, Food Industry Manager, Howard Telford, Senior Soft Drinks Manager and Rosemarie Downey, Packaging Industry Manager to learn about the drivers of environmental sustainability regulations in foods and drinks industries and their implications on businesses and consumers.

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