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The 2nd Global Food Security & Sustainability Summit 2022

Emil Fazira Profile Picture
Emil Fazira Consultant​

Session date and time:

30 Jun 22 | SGT: 03:25 PM -

30 Jun 22 | SGT: 04:15 PM

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The 2nd Global Food Security & Sustainability Summit 2022, would be one of the most important events ever held to address the critical issues of food security from the local to the global level, and from an interdisciplinary and systemic food systems perspective. This event will showcase the latest technological innovations driving food production that will become a game-changer for the food sector. Invitees include multi-stakeholders from governmental organisations, private sector businesses and NGOs to address the current disruptions and possible solutions to the world food supply chain. Discussions will also include sustainability issues and how societies and companies can design more sustainable solutions in their entire food chain to minimise the impact on the environment and reduce food waste. The event will also devote sufficient attention to the future of nutrition in these exciting times.
Session title: Understanding Novel Foods, The Benefits And Risks And What It Means To Move From Animal Food Protein To Plant Based Protein

Session description: Plant-based and alternative proteins remain a trending topic and part of a long-term strategic direction for many food companies. There are a range of consumers who limit their consumption of animal agriculture-derived products, which makes them willing to try or even seek out plant-based foods. Occasionally, when consumers may be increasingly cautious in their spending, novelty foods like plant-based innovations are increasingly scrutinised for their appeal. During this panel discussion, Euromonitor will guide potential challenges and opportunities that may arise in the shift to plant-based foods, and key segments that will widen the market. 
Date and time of the EMI session: 30 June 2022, 03:25 PM To 04:15pm (GMT+8)
Name and title of all speaker involved: Emil Fazira, Senior Consultant
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