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Wabel Wine and Spirits Summit

Anna Ward Profile Picture
Anna Ward Senior Consultant

Session date and time:

18 Nov 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM - 19 Nov 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM

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The Wabel Wine and Spirits Summit, bringing together private label, brands suppliers and buyers, will open its doors on November 18th-19th, 2021. Join hundreds of wine and spirits buyers from leading retail groups and selected private label & brands suppliers from Europe and other regions. 

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Session title: Distribution Channels in Alcoholic Drinks: Digital Disruption and On-Trade Adaptation

Session description: Pandemic-driven developments are generating lasting changes in the distribution landscape for alcoholic drinks. The on-trade has faced severe and well-documented challenges as a result of cycles of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, while e-commerce has suddenly become the major growth story after years of only gradual progress. How are the ways in which consumers shop evolving?

Session date and time: 18 November, 9H30 AM CEST

Speaker name and title: Anna Ward, Senior Consultant - Alcoholic Drinks

Latest Content


Another Round at the Bar? On-Trade Facing Post-Pandemic Challenges

Anna Ward

Anna Ward

20 Sep 23

The turbulence of the last few years has left on-trade alcoholic drinks in a precarious state. The rise of retail was already underway prior to the pandemic, but the shift is becoming increasingly entrenched in much of the world. On-trade volumes are still notably below 2019 levels, while retail continues to climb. That partly reflects still-incomplete pandemic recovery, but also likely indicates a more structural adjustment. What do the changing patterns mean for on-trade engagement?


Top Drink Trends at the IFT FIRST Conference

Nik Allen

Nik Allen

11 Aug 23

As explored in Euromonitor International’s recent food-focused article, the Institute of Food Technologist’s (IFT) annual conference highlights the newest developments in food and ingredient production, research, and innovation. While the primary focus of the conference was on trends and breakthroughs in the food industry, the implications of the findings and concerns in the edible space hold relevance in the potable space. The nutritional trends and expansive academic studies warrant a closer look.


Japan Leads the Sober Curious Culture in Asia Pacific

Tomomi Fujikawa

Tomomi Fujikawa

2 Jun 23

Sober curious culture is a trend that is about drinkers trying to moderate their consumption levels rather than fully abstaining from alcohol. In Japan, the first signs of the sober curious trend are emerging, as “dry” initiatives are beginning to take place.


Smaller Footprints, Stronger Connections? Sustainability is Gaining Momentum in Alcoholic Drinks

Anna Ward

Anna Ward

17 May 23

Environmental issues remain some way from top of mind for the typical alcoholic drinks consumer. Purchasing choices in the industry are governed by an array of factors, often led by brand image and positioning. Yet, expectations are changing. Sustainability is gradually becoming a key part of the picture.


Non-Alcoholic Spirits: Deciphering Online Sales, Diversification and Consumer Ratings

Jared Conway

Jared Conway

28 Apr 23

The pandemic accelerated the shift towards moderation and mindful drinking, leading to an increase in demand for non-alcoholic spirits as a healthier and safer alternative. Using Euromonitor International’s e-commerce tracking tool, Via, online data for stock keeping units (SKUs) can easily identify trends.


Fancy a Vermouth? Exploring Earlier Consumption Occasions in Spain

Robert Eveson

Robert Eveson

12 Apr 23

The concept of “tardeo” has become fashionable in Spain. This refers to when consumers visit bars and restaurants to socialise in the afternoon or early evening instead of later at night. Here we look at the impact of this trend on consumers, the drinks they consume, and the foodservice outlets they frequent.

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