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World Halal Business Conference (WHBC) 2021 Webinar Series: Global Socioeconomic Impact in the Era of Pandemic Covid-19

Malaysia / Online
Emil Fazira Profile Picture
Emil Fazira Consultant​

Session date and time:

6 Aug 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM -

6 Aug 21 | UTC Time: 12:00 AM

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The pandemic has wreaked damage in all sectors of business, sending a crippling blow to the global economies as a whole. In this webinar, we will be addressing the following aspects:

- Response measures to the socioeconomic impact of post-Covid-19

- Sustainable solutions to cope with the impact of Covid-19

- Insights on the landscape and opportunities of Halal sectors in each country

The intended outcomes include the effectiveness of entry into the region/country, international competitiveness for improved export readiness, and the current industry situation and recovery plan.

A group of three esteemed speakers will be sharing their insights as follows:

> Mr Paul Sanda, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner,

Malaysia & Brunei

Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)

> Ms Katrina Banzon, Commercial Attaché,

DTI - Philippine Trade and Investment Center Kuala Lumpur

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

> Mr Hasan Abdul Rahman, Board Member,

Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI)

This session will be moderated by Ms Emil Fazira, Food and Nutrition Senior Consultant at Euromonitor International.

This webinar marks WHBC's fourth installment of their 7-part prelude series leading up to the World Halal Business Conference 2021, Halal - The Catalyst for Universal Economic Recovery.

Register HERE.

Session title: Global Socioeconomic Impact in the Era of Pandemic Covid-19

Session date and time: 6 August 2021, 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM GMT+8

Speaker name and title: Emil Fazira, Food and Nutrition Senior Consultant

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