Evolution of Physical Space in Hospitality

June 2022

Physical spaces are evolving amid the impact of the global pandemic on consumer lifestyles, business models and workplace alongside the influence of digital transformation. They embrace flexibility and functionality to enhance consumer experience and mitigate risks.

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Key Findings

Physical spaces blend into the digital world

Lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring, especially with the rapid rise of the metaverse. Physical spaces are incorporating elements from the digital world while also trying to maintain a unique selling point over their virtual counterparts.

Immersive spaces drive return of in-person experiences

As in-person experiences return, they are facing greater competition from digital counterparts. Hospitality providers are using physical space to create immersive environments that create the worlds of consumers’ favourite brands and entertainment franchises to lure them back to in-person events.

Wellness and sustainability drive design in hospitality

The pandemic put health and wellness front of mind for consumers, and lockdowns showed just how strong of an impact physical space has on wellness. Coming out of lockdown, consumers are looking for sustainably-designed spaces that support their overall wellness.

Digital hospitality providers embrace the value of physical space

Just as the physical world is incorporating digital elements, digital hospitality providers are increasingly moving into the physical world. Their investments in physical spaces demonstrate hospitality providers’ efforts to merge the best elements of the digital and physical worlds.

Space as a service

Increased workplace flexibility increasingly means that consumers can work wherever they want. The future of work is redesigning spaces, as hospitality operators open their spaces to remote workers and focus on servicing their needs.

Key findings
Physical space takes on a new role
Evolution of physical space in hospitality
Exploring the evolution of physical space in hospitality
Physical spaces confront the digital spectrum
Trends review 2021 vs 2022 year
Evolution of physical space in hospitality 2021 in-depth
Evolution of physical space in hospitality 2022 in-depth
Biophilic designs
Metaverse: Space 3.0
Metaverse vs immersive experiences
Multifunctional spaces
Social commerce goes physical
Redesigning stadium experience
YOLO economy meets hospitality
Evolution of physical space in hospitality in focus
Companies are meeting the needs of consumers using various strategies
Bringing the outside in: Seattle-Tacoma airport
Galactic Starcruiser Hotel invites fans into the world of Star Wars: Disney World
Tapping into the restaurant business: TikTok
The revival of co-living hybrid hotel chains: Innov8
Re-defining the matchday experience: Tottenham Hotspur
The “hub and spoke” office model: Recreational Equipment, Inc
Restaurants enter the metaverse: Wendy’s
Evolution of physical space in hospitality
Key industry takeaways
Challenges to overcome
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