Experience More Across the Customer Journey


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Dec 2017

In the age of digital transformation, consumers strive to experience more across the customer journey. To meet consumers’ expectations, brands need to take a consumer-centric view, looking at each touchpoint in the path to purchase and after, to provide a seamless and increasingly tailored experience, powered by technology, but with the human factor at heart for an emotional connection.

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Experience More Across the Customer Journey

Is there more to life than Customer Experience?

The discipline of customer experience (CX) is gaining much attention. For consumer-centric brands, providing a satisfying brand experience that drives engagement and loyalty, adds significant rewards to the bottom line.

The customer journey deconstructed

It is vital for brands to understand each stage of the customer journey, analysing each interaction, across every platform and channel, to remove disconnects and ensure a seamless brand experience.

Inspirational impetus

Before the purchase, brands need to inspire, educate and encourage consumers to engage and part with their cash. Thanks to new technology and media, developing a community and a sense of shared values paves the way to the transactional stage.

Full-on brand experience

Living the brand experience is the traditional apex of consumer/brand interactions and continues to be a pivotal moment, full of emotion and entertainment. Successful brand experiences are curated for the customer online or offline, powered by data.

Invested relationship

The relationship between a consumer and brand extends way beyond the functional, with brands investing heavily in customer loyalty and retention in the post-purchase stage, adapting their offer to narrow the expectation gap.

Too mashed-up

Savvy consumers easy lost by unauthentic experiences and confusing mash-ups. The anything goes approach will only work where there is a valid consumer need and an incremental benefit to be gained.

Path to success

Some brands, such as Amazon and Apple, understand the customer experience and have embraced the human factor, delivering a simple, seamless and rewarding experience that consumers are happy to share with their friends and family, striking the right balance between customer expectations and commercial value.


Megatrend analysis at Euromonitor International
Megatrend framework
Experience More is one of our eight focus megatrends
Experience More across the customer journey: key findings

Experience More Framework

Experience More framework for mapping the customer journey
Shift to mobile deepens the connection with consumers
Opportunities and challenges
The customer experience journey splits into three stages

Experience More Across the Customer Journey: Before

Customer journey – before: key trends
Awareness: quality and reliability of brand interaction is a must
Amazon: expands from online to physical to build brand awareness
IKEA: takes its democratised design downtown
Inspiration : begins close to home
TripAdvisor: powered by the crowd to inspire through community
Michael Kors: aspirational and exclusive affordable luxury
Convenience: the path to a simpler life
SAS: reimagining frequent flier travel to drive convenience
Too Faced Cosmetics : giving a pain-point a fun makeover

Experience More Across the Customer Journey: During

Customer journey – during: key trends
Living it: for the ultimate experience
American Eagle Outfitters: blended for maximum brand impact
Peru: transformational experiences through authenticity
Sulwhasoo: tapping into creativity to reach new heights in-store
Curation: closing the expectation gap
Sephora: there for the customer every step of the way
Emirates Airlines: thinking outside of the box for kids

Experience More Across the Customer Journey: during

Birchbox: surprise and wonder delivered to you monthly
Seamless: payment integration is on its way
WeChat: provides the ultimate convenience of integration
Starbucks: leads on integrated mobile and loyalty

Experience More Across the Customer Journey: After

Customer journey – after: key trends
Loyalty and engagement: go hand in hand to drive retention
Nike: building community over product
Patagonia: added value from the after-sales service
Brand for life: crafting a lifelong relationship
La Roche-Posay: protecting lives through education
Apple: product longevity for value for money
Giving back: social and responsible for competitive advantage
H&M: greater good is at the forefront of the agenda
This is L: helping girls and promoting equality

Experience More Across the Customer Journey: Excel at Every Stage

Excel at every stage: holistic approach to the customer journey
Amazon: global yet personal
Google: everything you need for the day-to-day
Bad brand moments and challenging sectors
Uber: makes light work of the ride, but faces challenges


Experience More across the customer journey: key learnings
Experience More across the customer journey: what you need to know
Leverage the power of megatrends to shape your strategy today