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Mar 2018

Experience More – Digital Toolkit looks at how technology is used by brands to provide an enhanced customer experience, putting the consumer at the heart of the matter and providing a seamless product/service delivery. Brands are experimenting with all sorts of technology: some will be highly disruptive, while others will be short-lived gimmicks. Ultimately, integrity and trust will be the defining qualities for long-term brand success.

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Experience More: Digital Toolkit

Tech charge

Technology is a key driver of consumer trends, and brands are increasingly adept at working with a variety of digital tools in their toolkit to provide the most context relevant,seamless and engaging customer experience.

Digital overlay

Thanks to the rise in smartphones, augmented reality is moving into the mainstream, weaving the virtual and real world to enhance storytelling.

Curation democratised

Artificial intelligence, such as virtual assistants and chatbots, is helping to drive customisation, democratising curated services for the masses.

Trust deficit

In the era of fake news, trust between individuals, brands, governments and institutions is broken. The power of the crowd drives trust and informs business.

Data integrity

Consumers dislike data sharing and worry about their privacy, but expect their needs and preferences to be tailored to. Brands need to tread a fine line in capturing and applying personal data to personalise experiences.

Proof of origin

Mobile technology and blockchain allow brands to provide transparency on the supply chain, especially for food quality and provenance for product integrity.

Transformational power

Thanks to disruptive innovation, technology has the power to transform lives for the better, tackling mankind’s major challenges of disease, hunger and pollution.

Future perfect?

New technological advances will offer truly transformation experiences, and increasingly be dictated by the consumer’s mood and emotions. Ensuring the responsible use of technology will be paramount to avoid “big brother”.


Megatrend analysis at Euromonitor International
Megatrend framework
Experience More is one of our eight focus megatrends
Key findings

Enhanced Reality

Experience More: digital toolkit splits into three trend dimensions
Brands seek to enhance reality
Bringing brands to life through technology
Brand engagement moves online
Consumers crave simplicity
Digital tools to explore: part one
Digital tools to explore: part two
Neiman Marcus: Smart Mirror
Dinner Time Stories
The Vaunt by Intel
Amazon Go
British Airways
Amazon Dash Wand

Trust Me

Trust is a critical factor
“ Techlash ” shows trust in crisis
Data dichotomy: trade off between data sharing and privacy
Consumers highly dependent on the internet yet also wary
Disney Magic Band

Life Hacked

Tackling life challenges head-on
Ford Connected Cars and City
Aura by Superflex
Go-Go Chicken
China’s Social Credit System


Experience More: digital toolkit – key learnings
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