Experience More: State of Play 2019


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Jun 2019

This report looks at how the Experience More megatrend has evolved during the last 12 months, how developments in the key drivers of megatrends; shifting economic power, technology, population change, environmental shifts and pressures and changing consumer values, have impacted and explores future scenarios and the implications for business.

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Experience More: State of Play 2019

Key Findings

Consumers increasingly demand to experience more and brands are embracing brand activations through experiential marketing techniques.

Not a day passes without a global brand getting creative and finding new ways to engage in more direct ways with its consumers, whether to provide some fun or deliver a new message about its product/service.

Brands are going above and beyond the functional to find new ways of communicating with consumers, blending formats, shifting context and doubling down on their core brand values.

Experiential brand campaigns often blur the boundaries, where marketing, promotion and communications are intertwined, usually ending up with consumers sharing their unique experiences online.

The more engaging the brand experience, the more it resonates with fans and ultimately leads to deeper brand loyalty. In the age of social media, advocacy is a powerful commodity and brands such as Lush are increasingly abandoning social media to focus their efforts on influencer marketing instead.

Megatrend analysis at Euromonitor International
Ever-increasing popularity of garnering experiences
Current state of play
Implications of most impactful shifts
Case study: Google Donut Shop
Case study: Fauchon and the art of brand extension
The future: less is more
The future is contextually relevant
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