Flavours in Soft Drinks – USA

May 2011

As the beverage industry in the US shifts towards a healthier and more natural era, flavour houses will be challenged to maintain flavour consistency, innovation and taste. Although beverage makers continue to seek unusual flavours through new ingredients, some flavours remain timeless. With shifting demographics and increasing overseas travel by Americans, flavours from around the world are making inroads into the country.

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Flavours in soft drinks – USA
Scope of the report
Flavour wheel
Key findings

Concept Drivers

Riding the health and wellness wave
Natural flavours
Flavours driven by fun
Increased flavour complexity
Flavour as a product differentiator and a marketing tool
Unusual flavours

Flavour Volumes

Flavour volumes rise through growth slows slightly
Carbonates dominate flavours in soft drinks


Consumer preference for non-cola carbonates grows
Fruit flavours lead carbonates
Standard regular cola on the decline
Fruit flavour dominates non-cola carbonates
Carbonates – Jarritos – brand study
Carbonates – growing variant concepts
Carbonates – direction 2013

Bottled Water

Simple flavours work best
Bottled water led by fruit blends
Bottled Water – Hint – brand study
Bottled Water – growing variant concepts
Bottled Water – direction 2013

Fruit/Vegetable Juice

Consumers seek low-sugar, functional and superfruit options
More complex blends for fruit/vegetable juices
Fruit/vegetable juice – Trop50 – brand study
Fruit/vegetable juice – growing variant concepts
Fruit/vegetable juice – direction 2013


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