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What are the current and future drivers of consumer behaviour and production dynamics in the food and drinks industry and supply chain? 

Take advantage of emerging trends 

Who is the current number one confectionery company in emerging markets such as Nigeria? Will their current position enable them to grow their brand presence in Africa or is more needed?

Keep your teams up-to-date with changing trends among consumers and competitors and train new personnel in the dynamics of the market. 

Fine tune your go-to-market strategy 

Identify short- and long-term product trends, competitors, potential opportunities and challenges in target markets. 

Plan your strategy across key regions, countries, states and cities. 

Assess risks and vulnerabilities, costs, operating environments, regulatory reviews as well as production and trade flows and B2B supply lines with your industry research capabilities. 

Identify new opportunities from changing consumer preferences 

What nutritional and health benefit claims work? Where are 'natural' and 'free-from' marketing claims most powerful?  

Explore trends and consumer preferences in the key adjacent markets of fresh unpackaged food and hot and soft drinks. Identify the scale of opportunity from consumer preferences around healthy eating. 

solutions for the food industry 

Our food research coverage includes packaged food, fresh food, consumer foodservice, health and wellness products, ingredients, hot drinks and soft drinks. We help your organisation develop  a complete view of the industry landscape, major and emerging competition and the economic and consumer influences driving change. 

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