Forecasting and Scenario Analysis

Forecasting and Segmentation Analysis with Euromonitor International informs your strategic planning process, performance management and target-setting with rigorous, independent and unbiased projections of future demand. 

How Forecasting and Scenario Analysis can help

Establish a baseline forecast

Identify the most likely future scenario and the countries, categories or channels with the highest future sales potential.

Know what can be influenced

Identify demand factors and measure their growth contribution. Know what is out of your control and plan strategy accordingly. 

Test scenarios and evaluate outcomes

Discover how changes in the economy, competition, costs or prices will impact your baseline. 

Supports many functions

Euromonitor Consulting can help your company with unique challenges, anticipate change, inform the strategic planning process and reach annual targets.


Forecast models predict monthly and quarterly sales growth, factoring seasonality and the latest monthly or quarterly sales data to provide a live forecast to compare against planned annual baseline forecasts.

Marketing Communication

Demonstrate your organisations or industry’s contribution to the local, national or regional economy. Communicate and lobby regulators and the government to pursue the right policy that fosters growth in your sector, including those in your supply chain and economy.


Uncover and analyse the underlying demand drivers for your products and their relative contribution to your overall forecasted market growth. 


Forecast models and scenario analysis tools stress test options and inform recommendations on how best to drive category growth nationally, regionally or globally.