Fresh Food Global Industry Overview

April 2018

The fresh food industry experienced another year of positive growth in 2017, driven by volume growth in emerging regions of Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa. Overall, volume growth has been supported by a positive performance in all categories, most notably in plant-based proteins such as pulses and nuts, which is testament to an evolving global diet. This report offers a global overview of the fresh food industry, and highlights major trends and developments.

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Healthy living

Consumers are increasingly seeking wholesome, fresh products that benefit general wellbeing and nutrition, such as hybrid varieties naturally enriched through cross-selection, organic or antibiotic-free animal produce.

Ethical living

As concerns about the impact of agriculture on the environment grow, sustainability and security of food come to the fore. Food waste, responsible sourcing, and fair trade are top of the list of features consumers increasingly seek.


Premium positioning and higher unit prices are ever more present as consumers seek quality and indulgence. They drive growth in saturated markets and are most pronounced in meat, fish and seafood in well-developed markets.

Shopping reinvented

Internet retailing and innovative concepts such as meal kits and round-the-clock vending add value, increasing consumer reach. Nonetheless, traditional retail channels remain dominant as cultural entrenchment is profound.

Shifting market frontiers

Growth of the global population will allow greater total consumption, with developing economies around the world powering demand. Retail value growth can also be augmented by greater economic prowess in these markets.


Examining five trends shaping fresh food
Areas of opportunity

Global Outlook

Continued growth supported by expanding populations
Vegetables and fruit the mainstay of global fresh food consumption
Asia Pacific is the dominating force in fresh food
Vegetables set to strengthen primary position
China and India will continue to lead in size and growth
Modern grocery most significant channel in the majority of markets

Top Five Trends Shaping Fresh Food

Intersecting fresh food trends bring about change in diets
Changing demographics reshape consumption
Meat defies rising enthusiasm for plant-based except in Western Europe
Organic fresh food outperforms conventional offering
Premiumisation as a means to reinvigorate staple fresh food products
Growing pressure leads to more action on fresh food waste

Market Snapshots

Global snapshot of eggs
Global snapshot of fish and seafood
Global snapshot of fruits
Global snapshot of meat
Global snapshot of nuts
Global snapshot of pulses
Global snapshot of starchy roots
Global snapshot of sugar and sweeteners
Global snapshot of vegetables
Regional snapshot: Asia Pacific
Regional snapshot: North America
Regional snapshot: Western Europe
Regional snapshot: Middle East and Africa
Regional snapshot: Latin America
Regional snapshot: Eastern Europe
Regional snapshot: Australasia




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