Gardening Global Overview: Social, Sustainable and Smart

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Nov 2016

Macroeconomic factors have disrupted household gardening consumption and consumer lifestyles, consequently, new drivers of demand are shaping the future of the gardening sector. The shift in the typical gardener profile will be characterised by the willingness to create a self-sufficient sustainable environment which will lead gardening technology innovation to be driven by resource-saving features and product efficacy.

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Gardening Global Overview: Social, Sustainable and Smart

China, fastest growing gardening market globally

Growth in gardening sales in China have been driven by M&A activities in the horticulture segment and higher consumer expenditure in pots and planters resulting from the rise of apartment dwellers and the willingness to improve indoor air quality.

Indoor gardening to become a feature in horticulture

Urbanisation, apartment dwelling and legislation will support the rise of indoor gardening products such as hydroponics as household space is getting smaller and the gardener of the future is willing to become self-sufficient.

Fighting water scarcity

Water stress level is increasing especially in Middle East and Africa which will lead consumers to turn their attention towards water tolerant crop technologies, smart watering devices and artificial grass.

Future fastest growing gardening categories

Horticulture and gardening equipment will dominate forecast growth as a result of innovation in premium and branded products and the rise of the grow-your-own movement.

Internet retailing to continue outgrowing all other distribution channels

Gardening internet retail value sales are expected to significantly grow across all regions especially in Asia Pacific where store-based retailers have struggled to penetrate rural areas.

Shift in profile of the gardener of the future

The typical gardener of the future is well informed, looking for sustainable plant protection solutions and receptive to resource-saving gardening equipment such as smart watering systems.


Key findings

Global Overview

Global gardening sales continue to grow
Horticulture remains top global category
Fierce and fragmented global competition
North America records the highest share in global gardening sales
North America: Canada lagging behind, US consistently growing
Asia Pacific: China and Japan generating 82% of sales
Top gardening markets in 2015
Horticulture, a predominant category in fastest growing markets
Potential of wealthier households within gardening

New Drivers of Demand

Gardening today
Generation and income gap in 2015
Urban households to become a primary target
Growth in apartment dwelling to vitalise rental services
Indoor gardening to thrive along the rise of grow-your-own
Gardening players to take advantage of urban farming
Case study
IKEA’s restaurants go farming
Big stakes for glyphosate-free plant protection
Consolidation move
Water scarcity, the most urgent concern for gardening players
Connectivity ready to take off

Gardening in The Future

Asia Pacific will be leading growth in global horticulture
China will remain the fastest growing mature market
India not to be left aside
Global boom of internet retailing…
…forces retailers to find new revenue generators
If the gardener will not come to you, you must go to the gardener
Generation and income gap in 2030
Gardening in the future