Global Battery Industry: Embracing the Universal Power Storage Era

March 2020

Global battery production is expected to grow strongly over 2018-2030, driven by rising demand for power storage around the world. Improving battery technologies and slumping prices are fuelling transformation in the automotive, electronics and electricity sectors, starting an era of battery-powered products. Thanks to its strong production base Asia Pacific is leading the change, although both the US and Europe will take the chance to benefit from this strong transformation.

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Battery’s B2B market dynamics remain exceedingly positive

slowly decline in the future.set to of total sales of batteries worldwide, and thanks to the growing popularity of rechargeable batteries such as lithium-ion, this share is 10-15%Batteries purchased by households account for only around

of battery products worldwide. Battery makers are increasingly involved in the automotive power development process, amidst rising production of electric vehicles (EV).Automotive remains the core buyer . is a strong B2B business,therefore, Battery production

form another major buyer group. Portable electronics such as smartphones became tremendously popular over the last decade, which is the primary driver of battery sales to the sector.electronics-related industries Various

are increasingly interested in power storage solutions. Growing renewable electricity generation will need more and more power storage in order to cope with intermittent power generation.electricity companies Among emerging trends,

Global battery production set to accelerate
Battery’s B2B market dynamics remain exceedingly positive
Era of universal power storage approaches
Automotive batteries: changing demand structure
Renewable power storage: growing generation to boost demand
Electronics: Asia dominates, but internal changes imminent
Asia Pacific: on the brink of change
China: prime location for future growth in battery making
USA : electric vehicles are reshaping the battery production landscape
Europe : full of untapped potential, but first steps are small
Competitive landscape ready for change


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