Global Beauty Packaging: Key Trends and Innovations

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Jul 2018

Beauty and personal care packaging volumes continue to grow globally, driven by changing lifestyles and consumers adopting new hygiene routines. And while the trend towards greater portability and affordability has led to rising demand for smaller pack sizes, functionality and sustainability in packaging also become essential purchasing criteria. In this context, packaging innovation will be essential to sustain growth, particularly in saturated markets, where volume expansion can be limited.

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Global Beauty Packaging: Key Trends and Innovations

Toiletries remains the largest generator of packaging volumes

Essential toiletries continue to dominate volumes of beauty and personal care packaging, led by bath and shower, hair care and oral care. The latter is forecast to be the greatest contributor to growth, as consumers increasingly adopt toothpaste globally. Overall, this should benefit rigid plastic and flexible packaging, the main pack types for toiletries.

Portability and affordability through smaller pack sizes

Small pack sizes become increasingly popular as consumers’ lifestyles evolve. While smaller formats offer more portability to nomadic consumers, they also allow consumers to discover a wider range of products that become affordable thanks to their lower unit prices.

Consumers’ purchasing habits and preferences are shifting                                                        

As consumers’ purchasing habits and preferences evolve globally, this creates packaging shifts, such as greater adoption of HDPE bottles over single-use flexible plastics, as well as growing demand for premium packaging.

Sustainability becomes a key purchasing criteria

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact that packaging has on the environment. As a result, brand owners and packaging manufacturers are working towards greener packaging solutions, offering bio plastic, post-consumer recycled packaging and lightweight packaging, among others.

Packaging offering convenience of use and dispensing help consumers to save time

As lifestyles continue to accelerate, consumers are looking for ways to save time, valuing products with more functional packaging, such as offering new ways of dispensing or featuring more convenient closures, such as lotion pumps or aerosol sprays over basic screw closures.


Key findings

Global Overview

Toiletries continue to generate the largest packaging volumes
Oral care a big driver for packaging growth
Developing regions offer best prospects
Four pillars for packaging innovation

Reinvent Beauty Regimens

Shifts in beauty habits globally
From single-use sachets to HDPE bottles
Baby boom in China drives sales of HDPE bottles…
… offering strong prospects to international and local players
Greater adoption of toothpaste boosts plastic tubes’ volume
Rising demand for premium products...
… leads to innovative packaging in skin care and colour cosmetics


Smaller pack sizes allow consumers to explore
Growing demand for travel-size and portable products
Affordability, dosage and hygiene through single-use sachets
New tax to further benefit affordable single-use sachets in India
Compaction leads to smaller pack sizes and precise dispensing

Help the Planet

Rising demand for sustainable packaging
Packaging rebirth using post-consumer recycled packaging
After beverages, bio plastics set to develop in beauty
Towards lighter weight packaging
Growing demand for biodegradable beauty packaging

Save Time

Search for efficiency fosters packaging innovations
Greater demand for packaging offering convenience of dispensing
2017 innovations with atypical ways to apply beauty products
Lightweight packaging delivers practicality
Right dosage and hygiene through airless packaging
Consumers chose multifunctional products to save time