Global Health Trends: Impacts on Consumers

October 2019

Global health challenges have shifted from infectious diseases to chronic and mental health problems, prompting consumers to actively move towards more balanced lifestyles and to take care of their mental wellbeing. Eating healthier, taking supplementary nutrients and exercising more are now among the most popular treatment and prevention approaches. New health priorities are driving changes in consumer behaviours and demands, requiring businesses to adapt.

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Key findings

Global health challenges are shifting towards lifestyle-related diseases and mental health issues

Factors impacting health today are diverse, including not only nutrition and the environment but also physical activity and mental wellbeing. Developing countries are witnessing a shift away from prevalent infectious diseases to a significant rise in chronic, lifestyle-related health problems, such as diabetes and obesity. Meanwhile, mental illness has become a growing issue in developed countries.

Staying healthy is among consumers‘ top priorities

Despite a rise in life expectancy globally, diseases and health risks remain a major concern for consumers, as they undermine their quality of life, while resulting in high healthcare costs. Consumers now perceive health as the new wealth and are increasingly investing in their health, as reflected by a strong rise in health spending.

Changing lifestyles and maintaining mental health is now part of a holistic treatment approach to health problems

Consumers are now becoming increasingly active in changing to more balanced lifestyles with healthy diets, sufficient nutrients and more exercise, as part of their approach to treat and prevent health problems. Mental wellbeing is considered to be an essential part of health, meaning that consumers are taking care of problems like depression, stress and anxiety to a greater extent than ever before.

Understanding consumer health behaviours will help brands to capture their demands

Consumers’ future health concerns tend to focus on age-related health problems, while lifestyle-related diseases still play an important role. In the meantime, perceptions towards health will continue to evolve, on the back of rising living standards, urbanisation and changing social structure. Businesses thus need to understand factors driving the future of health and consumer health-related behaviours in order to capture demand.

Key findings
Globally people live longer, but not always healthier
Factors impacting health today are diverse
The strong quest for a healthy life
Examples of policy actions to boost public health
Lifestyle-related diseases growing causes of deaths
Mental illness: a rising issue in developed markets
Diabetes: a growing cause of deaths in developing markets
Obesity rate rises in all regions
High blood pressure is declining but still prevalent
Raised cholesterol prevalence increasing in the developing world
Diseases and health issues strongly impact people’s daily life
Health is the new wealth
Consumers now adapt a holistic treatment approach
The rise of preventative health
Exercise more to fight and prevent health problems
ARX fit: personalised exercise experience
Vitamins and supplements are convenient solutions
Centrum: vitamins tailored to the Chinese market
Diet changes driven by health factors
Lumen breath analyser: supporting weight-loss and fitness efforts
Looking ahead: consumer future health concerns
Key takeaways
How to capture the new health priorities
The global health landscape by 2030
Health and Nutrition Survey methodology


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