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Global Healthcare Trends: Inflation Surge

June 2022

The briefing examines how the top global healthcare trends such as shifting consumer health behaviours, personalisation, the transformation of medicinal production, telehealth and sustainability are expected to perform in the background of an inflationary environment. The report uses the statistics as well as survey data to determine how micro and macro coincide and formulates possible strategic takes.

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Key Findings

Inflation generally accelerates the shift in consumer health behaviours

Smoking or overindulgences perish in the inflationary environment due to being non-essential and expensive. The shift to a healthy diet, however, is perceived as costly and might slow. Aiding consumers in their search for affordable but nutritious food, and encouraging eating healthily through bundling or giving rewards could be the pushes required.

Rising prices slow down the trend of personalisation in healthcare

Although personalised health benefits from consumer appreciation for tailored goods, inflation forces consumers to postpone or reconsider buying expensive drugs and medtech. Collaboration, outsourcing, transferring from niche to mainstream production and extensive communication about the advantages of the tailored solutions help keep the trend going.

Pharma 4.0 will generally slow down to reassess the investment payoffs and proceed from there

Pharma 4.0 is subject to large investments that might appreciate and diminish the profitability in an inflationary environment. It is also prone to heavy energy usage, which is among the major inflation drivers in 2022. Becoming energy independent and planning different scenarios might alleviate the uncertainty and keep the trend going.

Adoption of telehealth will accelerate due to significant savings generated

The continuous stroll towards telehealth generally benefits from the inflationary environment by decreasing in-patient care costs, and improving the convenience of outpatient care. Although initial investments into technology might be costly, taking advantage of public initiatives, broadening the client base, and bundling might aid.

Converting to sustainability in healthcare is at a fragile stage and might slow down

Adopting sustainability practices is expensive for healthcare companies, as they have complex manufacturing systems and a broad suppliers’ network. However, starting from upstream activities, such as recycling and waste, partnering with peers and communicating about the KPIs might be viable strategies to reduce the costs and reap the benefits.

Persistent inflation is troubling consumers and businesses alike
Health sector’s prices have not “peaked” yet
Key findings
Consumers’ shift to health intensifies across the globe
Inflation and shifting health behaviours: How to navigate?
Inflation on shifting health behaviours : Ahold Delhaize offers rewards for buying healthy
Inflation on shifting health behaviours : Kyowon Wells encourages to garden at home
Personalisation is penetrating the healthcare sector
Inflation and personalised healthcare: How to navigate?
Inflation on personalised healthcare : Precision medicine saves lives, but also money
Inflation on personalised healthcare : Genomic sequencing gets mainstream
Healthcare manufacturing is adopting Industry 4.0 technologies
Healthcare manufacturing transformation: How to navigate the uncertainty?
Inflation on energy : Novo Nordisk transfers to 100% green energy for its production facilities
Inflation on pharma manufacturing : IDEA Pharma introduces FIVE-X Process
Telehealth unleashes potential of digital in healthcare sector
Inflation and telehealth: How to navigate and take full advantage?
Inflation on telehealth : Heritage Clinic bundles mental care services and free tablets
Inflation on telehealth : Lafiya Telehealth introduces AI HealthChecker for 24/7/365 monitoring
Sustainability revolution in healthcare is in planning stages
Inflation and sustainability: How to navigate and take full advantage?
Inflation on sustainability in healthcare : Sanofi partners with TerraCycle to recycle blister packs
Inflation on sustainability in healthcare : DocGo and Jefferson Health partner for an electric ride
Opportunities for health and non-health players are endless
Strategies for companies to win in inflationary environment


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