Global Metal Aerosol Cans: Growth and Opportunities in Beauty and Personal Care

October 2016

Metal aerosol cans in beauty and personal care are on the rise, and are forecast to see further growth. Deodorants dominate beauty aerosol can applications, with Brazil and India the largest contributors to growth. Meanwhile, in hair styling agents, aerosol cans are competing with spray alternatives. The increasingly competitive environment is leading brand owners and packaging manufacturers to innovate through more eco-friendly packaging, while offering differentiation on shelves.

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Deodorants dominate aerosol cans’ beauty applications

Deodorants remain the main application for metal aerosol cans in beauty and personal care, as well as the main growth driver, with Western Europe the largest consumers of deodorant sprays.

Brazil and India the strongest growth contributors

Fast growing emerging markets are driving volume sales of deodorants globally, in particular Brazil, where deodorants penetration continues to increase, despite being already well established, and India, where consumers are trading up from traditional talcum powder to deodorant sprays.

Unilever leads value sales of deodorant sprays

Unilever leads the global deodorant sprays market. The company’s continued focus on innovation has led to strong product launches, such as its recent aerosol cans featuring compressed technology.

US consumers increasingly favour deodorant sprays

The deodorants market in the US is largely dominated by sticks, but aerosol cans are still expected to see strong volume growth, as consumers increasingly adopt this format. The US is predicted to be the third largest contributor to volume growth over 2015-2020, after Brazil and India.

Low or no growth for aerosol cans in styling agents

Volume sales of styling agents remain flat globally, as consumers prefer other styling products, coming in other pack types. In Western Europe, the leading region, sales remain strong in Germany, whilst styling agents are perceived as old-fashioned in other markets.

Other categories offer limited growth

Besides deodorants and styling agents, aerosol cans have a small penetration in other beauty areas. Pockets of growth exist in sun care in the US and dry shampoo in the UK, which are predicted to grow at CAGRs of 5% and 3%, respectively, over 2015-2020.


Key findings

Aerosol Overview

Beauty leads the way
30% of metal aerosol cans are used for deodorants
Latin America generates strongest volumes
Latin America and Asia Pacific lead the way
Metal aerosol cans’ u sage varies across regions
Continued growth of beauty packaging


Brazil to generate strongest sales of deodorant sprays globally
Aerosol sprays: The preferred deodorant format
Latin America sets the pace
The rise of deodorant sprays in Brazil and India
US moving away from deodorant sticks
Innovation: Product design and portability remain key
Brands adopt different strategies when it comes to segmentation
Unilever’s supremacy
Unilever sets a new standard with its compressed deodorants
Rexona in the top five brands in all regions

Hair Styling Agents

North America will lead growth
Metal aerosol cans the preferred format for styling agents
A concentrated market
Global brands dominate
Low growth or no growth globally

Other Beauty Categories

Men’s deodorants drives the men’s grooming category
The US offers the greatest opportunity for aerosols in sun care
Ease of application the main driver for metal aerosols cans
Beauty offers other applications for aerosols but they remain niche


Deodorant sprays remain the largest category by far
Most dynamic prospects in emerging regions


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