Global Overview of Automotive

July 2021

The briefing examines how automotive industry performs globally and in the largest countries in terms of automotive output. The report also provides data for production, market size, imports, exports, industry’s costs, industry’s profitability and number of companies. The industry and market overview provide benchmarks against other countries in the region.

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Examining Four Trends Shaping the Motor Vehicles and Parts Industry


Stricter emission standards and the technological limitations of internal combustion engines will drive investments in electric and hybrid vehicle production. Manufacturers will have to unlock more resources for investments and strengthen battery supply.

Connected vehicles

Changing consumer preferences and stricter vehicle safety regulations will require more investments in connected vehicle technologies. This will gradually change the supply chain, with electronics and technology providers gaining greater share. At the same time, connected vehicles can help to open up new business models and revenue streams for car manufacturers.

Supply chain localisation

The COVID-19 pandemic had severe effects on the automotive industry’s global supply chains. To better shield from similar risks in the future, manufacturers are planning to increase supply chain localisation. This would create regional production hubs and could benefit Eastern Europe and Latin America thanks to lower operating costs and geographic proximity to the largest automotive markets.

Consolidation of suppliers

Rising operating costs and supply chain changes will continue to support the consolidation of suppliers. Suppliers will need to collaborate as they feel pressure from OEM and technology companies, and at the same time must find resources to invest in electrification programmes.


Examining four trends shaping the motor vehicles and parts industry
COVID-19: impact on motor vehicles and parts
Motor vehicles and parts among the most COVID-19 affected industries
Production value to fully recover in 2021
China and the US continue to dominate the global industry
Cost discipline to continue as profits remain under pressure
Growth in exports slows amidst weaker demand for new vehicles
Expanding B2B demand to drive growth in imports in Eastern Europe
B2B demand drives market expansion in Europe
Toyota remains the leader despite the global pandemic
Total number of companies declines due to consolidation
Industry concentration to increase amid rising costs
China, the US and Eastern Europe to drive future production value growth
Eastern Europe and Asia forecast to swiftly recover from COVID-19 shock
Key future trends shaping the global industry
China : industry remains resilient to COVID-19 shock
Electric vehicles to drive production value growth
USA : industry poised to quickly recover from COVID-19
Industry revives after 2020, although supply issues will continue
Germany : industry to face prolonged recovery
Struggling auto parts production to delay full recovery of German automotive industry
Japan : industry faces prolonged recovery due to weak domestic demand and outsourcing
Weak domestic demand and production outsourcing hinders industry’s growth potential
South Korea : production outsourcing set to delay industry’s recovery
Electric vehicle technologies promise future growth opportunities
Mexico : industry benefits from high export capacity
Improving demand in export markets to drive industry’s recovery
India : COVID-19 pandemic impacts domestic demand and the industry’s growth
Investments in new models and electric vehicles to drive growth
United Kingdom : COVID-19 shock and declining exports impact the industry
Industry to show slow recovery from COVID-19 shock, but electric vehicles provide hope
France : weak domestic and foreign demand decimate automotive industry
French automotive industry struggles, but pins high hopes on electric vehicle technology
Spain : industry faces slower growth after the pandemic
Automotive production to reach pre-pandemic levels by 2023
Czech Republic : industry poised for quick recovery in 2021
Industry slumps in 2020, but eyes rapid recovery as foreign demand accelerates
Brazil : weak domestic demand and low exports have potential to limit growth
Industry faces prolonged recovery from COVID-19 pandemic
Italy : industry expected to revive after COVID-19 shock
New investments anticipated to accelerate the industry’s recovery
Sweden : automotive industry proves quite resilient to COVID-19 pandemic
Investments in electric vehicle technologies could transform the Swedish auto industry
Canada : industry faces prolonged recovery from COVID-19 shock
Investments in electric vehicles to help revive competitiveness
Poland : COVID-19 pandemic halts car production in 2020
Auto parts sector expected to drive the industry’s recovery
Iran : industry forecast to operate below its potential
Rising costs and shortages of materials limit the industry’s growth potential
Thailand : slow domestic demand to delay the industry’s recovery
Industry forecast to face prolonged recovery from the pandemic
Indonesia : declining domestic demand impacts the industry
Industry’s production output to fully recover in 2022
Russia : industry faces prolonged recovery
Production output to fully recover in 2025


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