Global Packaged Food: Impact of Past Economic Downturns on Staple Food Items

September 2009

Retail volume sales for staple food items have proved relatively resistant to past economic downturns across different regions. While economic volatility tended to have only a minimal impact on sales, it did sometimes heighten the effect of existing market forces, such as health and wellness, on overall performance. In general, however, sales for most staple food items continued as before due to extensive market maturity. In turn, economic recovery also tends to impact sales only minimally.

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Objectives and Parameters

Objectives and Parameters
Key Findings
Economic Crises of the Last Two Decades

Latin American Crises

Latin American Crisis 1998-1999
Latin American Economies in Crisis 1998-1999
Impact of the Latin American Crisis
Argentine Crisis: 2001-2002
Venezuelan Crisis: 2002-2003
1998-1999 Latin American Crisis’ Impact on Staple Food Items
Nascent Health and Wellness Considerations Survive Crisis
Case Study: Brazilian Staple Food Items 2001-2002
Domestic Brazilian Dairy Processor Increases Share
Case Study: Argentine Staple Food Items 2001-2002
Nestlé Widens Gap on SanCor in Argentine Baby Food
Case Study: Venezuelan Staple Food Items 2002-2003
Latin American Crises: Road to Recovery 2003-2005
Local Culinary Traditions Also Dictate Terms of Recovery
Road to Recovery Case Study: Argentina 2004-2005
“Back to Basics” Ethos Lingers Despite Argentine Recovery
Value-Added Dairy Products Grip Argentina in 2004
Road to Recovery Case Study: Venezuela 2004-2006
Baby Food Benefits Most from Venezuelan Recovery
Lácteos Los Andes CA Extends Leadership Over Parmalat
Latin American Crises: Brand Winners
Latin American Crises: Winning Brand Strategies
Latin American Crises: Key Conclusions
Latin American Crises: Key Conclusions for Rice and Bread

Western European Slowdown

Western European Slowdown 2001-2002
Western European Economies in Slowdown 2001-2002
Impact of the Western European Slowdown 2001-2002
Slowdown Has Minimal Impact on Staple Food Items
Baby Food and Rice Demonstrate Resilience
Western European Slowdown: Road to Recovery 2004-2005
Foodservice Competition Takes Its Toll Despite Recovery
Western European Slowdown: Brand Winners
Western European Slowdown: Winning Brand Strategies
Case Study: German Staple Food Items 2001-2003
Bread Sales Static Despite Slight Boost From Slowdown
Health Concerns, Hot Summer Constrain Oils and Fats
Mixed Performance for German Dairy Products
Road to Recovery Case Study: Germany 2003-2005
Health Concerns Continue to Constrain Oils and Fats
Case Study: Italian Staple Food Items 2001-2003
Italian Dairy Products See Little Impact from Slowdown
CERPL’s Innovative Fresh Milk Steals Share from Parmalat
Case Study: French Staple Food Items 2001-2003
Products for Toddlers Drive Overall French Baby Food
Functionality Wins in Difficult French Oils and Fats Market
Road to Recovery Case Study: France 2003-2005
Packaged/Industrial Bread Benefits from Economic Recovery
Danone’s Spanish Operations Provide Lessons
Western European Slowdown: Key Conclusions

US Economic Slowdown

US Economic Slowdown 2001
US Economy in Slowdown 2001
Impact of the US Slowdown 2001
Slowdown has Minimal Impact on North American Staples
Low-Carb Atkins Diet Impacts Variety of Staple Food Items
North American Road to Recovery 2004-2005
Economic Recovery has Minimal Impact on Regional Sales
North American Slowdown: Brand Winners
North American Slowdown: Winning Brand Strategies
Case Study: US Staple Food Items 2001-2003
Value-Added Baby Food Finds Success Despite Slowdown
Innovative Bristol-Myers Squibb Outperforms US Milk Formula
Dean Foods Leverages Indulgence and Health Trends
Maple Leaf Foods Adds Value to Bread in Canada
North American Slowdown: Key Conclusions


Past Crises: Key Historical Lessons Worldwide
Global Winning Categories
Global Losing Categories
Final Conclusions: Staple Food Items


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