Global PET Bottles: Key Success Factors for Beverages

October 2015

PET witnessed the highest absolute volume growth in retail beverages packaging globally during the review period. Asia Pacific was the biggest contributor to this, driven primarily by China and India. Significant growth of bottled water, carbonates and RTD tea, not just in Asia, but also in Latin America and Eastern Europe is driving demand for PET as developing regions increase their spending.

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PET demand to grow despite moderate growth in global retail packaging

Despite global real GDP growth remaining the same as the previous year at 3% in 2014 and global packaging demand only seeing 2% growth in 2014, PET posted a 5% CAGR over the review period due to its various advantageous features such as versatility, lower cost, eco-friendly, design ability and convenient formats.

Developing countries to become key end-users of PET

By 2019, eight of the 10 leading countries for PET usage will be developing countries, mainly from Asia Pacific and Latin America, driven primarily by bottled water, carbonates, juice and RTD tea. Western markets are losing their position mainly due to the maturity of these markets.

Asia Pacific key driver of PET growth

Asia Pacific is expected to post a 9% CAGR over 2014-2019, the highest volume growth in PET globally, driven primarily by India and China. Population growth, urbanisation, busy lifestyles and higher purchasing power are overall economical factors driving growth. Increased uptake of bottled water and significant growth in higher value categories such as juice and RTD tea, particularly in China are other key contributing factors.

Beverages industry defines PET’s success

Beverages are by far the dominant application for PET packaging globally, with a key position held in soft drinks. Bottled water globally leads as the key end-user of PET.

PET carving its way into niche categories

Although PET’s biggest end-user will remain soft drinks, it has made inroads into niche categories such as alcoholic drinks with its light weight and low cost features.


Key findings

PET in Global Retail Packaging

Global retail packaging demand driven by flexible plastics and PET
Soft drinks remains the largest and most dynamic user of PET
Health trends greatly benefit PET
Asia Pacific leads demand for PET bottles
Bulk of PET bottle demand to come from developing countries

Finding Growth in Soft Drinks

Rise in consumption of soft drinks drives PET growth
Global health and wellness trend bodes well for bottled water
Consumer interest sustained and maintained through innovation
PET continues to grow despite low demand for carbonates globally
Latin America and Asia Pacific fuel demand for PET in carbonates
Innovation fundamental to carbonates growth
PET dominates in RTD tea in developing regions
RTD tea’s health and wellness image is good for global prospects
RTD tea demand spurred by new innovations
PET benefits from rise in juice consumption in Asia
87% of global volume growth of PET bottles in juice to be from China
Hydration claims of sports and energy drinks a success in Asia

PET Versatility Drives Innovations

Versatility of PET makes it a winner
PET growth globally driven by need for:
PET allows flexible sizing and transparency
Share pack and multipack sales grow as better value for money
PET bottles designed to suit consumer lifestyles and convenience
Use of PET for premium positioning
Sustainable packaging also entices eco-aware

Innovation for Alcoholic Drinks

PET bottles are recording some success in alcoholic drinks
PET facing a number of challenges in beer globally
Case study: PET success in Romania for beer
Convenience and price of PET is a boost to sales in wine and spirits
Product launches in alcoholic drinks in PET

Future Growth Prospects

PET: China largest end-user; India most dynamic


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