Global Small Appliances: Industry Overview and Future Hot Spots

March 2012

Economic volatility is tempering growth in small appliances globally as recovery is shaky and the threat of deterioration clings. However, opportunities for growth still exist. Emerging markets will continue to drive growth as higher incomes change the perception of “essential” in certain categories, while the sheer size of key developed markets means growth in absolute terms. Unit price erosion will continue however, and innovation will have to drive value growth.

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Small appliances global overview: Twin decks
Key findings
Mapping growth in 2011

Small Appliances and the External Environment

Economic uncertainty is expected to continue
Slowdown in small appliances anticipated after quick pick-up

Emerging versus Developed Markets

Emerging markets will continue to drive growth
Developed markets still hold potential in absolute terms
Small appliances performance minus BRICs
Developed versus emerging markets: The gap closes in
Developed markets: Growth returns but unit price erosion continues
Developed markets performance
Good growth prospects in emerging markets
Emerging markets performance

Regional Spotlight: Future Market and Category Opportunities

Regional volume and value performance in small appliances
Asia Pacific will continue to dominate growth
Indonesia will be the raising star in Asia Pacific
Locals dominate the competitive environment in Indonesia
The Southern Cone will offer better opportunities in Latin America
Coffee machines drive up growth in Latin America
Economic policies are causing uncertainty in some markets
UEA offers dynamic growth opportunities in Middle East and Africa
Irons, the star category in Middle East and Africa
Eastern Europe slowly returns to growth
Hot summers and better consumer confidence boost air treatment
Russians return to pre-crisis spending habits (1)
Russians return to pre-crisis spending habits (2)
Turkey will be the key driver of growth in Western Europe
Delayed purchases will boost air treatment in Western Europe
Sluggish performance will continue in North America
Coffee pod machines are the star category in Canada
Unit price erosion will continue to be a reality in Australia
Growing interest in cooking will spur growth in food preparation

Competitive Environment

Top six small appliances companies in 2011
Competitive positioning in small appliances
Dynamic M&A scenario in small appliances
Case study: Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV
Koninklijke Philips Electronics’ global coverage and performance
Philips strengthens inorganically in emerging markets
Case study: Groupe SEB
Groupe SEB global coverage and performance
Expanding geographical footprint helped SEB to outperform market
Case study: Procter & Gamble
Procter & Gamble global coverage and performance
P&G’s recovery is sluggish due to over-reliance on mature markets
Case study: GD Midea
GD Midea global coverage and performance
Midea expands beyond its borders through joint venture
Case study: Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc
Spectrum Brands’ global coverage and performance
Lukewarm performance from Spectrum after the merger

Wrap Up

Wrap up


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