Global Snacks Packaging: Staying Relevant Through Pack Sizing Strategies

February 2018

Conventional snacks will lead packaging unit volume growth in foods over 2017-2021. The rise in snacking is increasingly coupled with health concerns around confectionery, biscuits, savoury snacks and ice cream, and a desire for a better consumption experience. Shifting to smaller pack sizes will be key to greater calorie control in developed markets. Portable, easy to use pouches and rigid plastic solutions will fare well, with smaller product portions that are easy to graze on or share.

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Snacks to drive packaging volume growth to 2021

With 39% of food packaging unit volumes globally, snacks is on track to generate the highest unit volume increase over 2017-2021. Global growth will largely be fuelled by the smallest pack size brackets – 0-50g and 50- 100g – with these allowing products to be easily afforded across large areas of Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America.

Smaller pack sizes to help redefine conventional snacks across mature markets globally

Through introducing smaller pack formats, manufacturers of confectionery, biscuits, savoury snacks and ice cream can boost value sales and withstand greater economic pressure. Snacks can also thereby adapt to new consumer preoccupations regarding health and consumption patterns.

“Shrinkflation” an increasingly delicate operation, as consumer savviness increases and trust needs to be regained

Brand owners will continue adjusting pack sizes disproportionally to the retail unit price, as a way of keeping control over operational costs amid toughening competition and/or poor economic conditions. This has, however, become a riskier route, as consumers are more and more aware of the practice and are presented with a wider choice of products to snack on.

Consuming less but better (…and more frequently)

Anti-sugar policies and consumer sentiment are causing many manufacturers of conventional snacks to reposition their offerings to better answer health concerns. Smaller treats in different pack sizes can convey greater calorie control, or a premium image fitting with an organic positioning.

Widening snacks’ consumption occasions with more functional pack solutions

Pack sizing, but also the choice of a rigid plastic container or pouch, can help inject added value for the end consumer in the form of greater suitability for consumption on the move and for sharing in a social context.


Key headlines

Overview of Snacks Packaging

Snacks to increase its lead in food packaging to 2021
Widening plethora of “healthy ” options outside conventional snacks
Flexible plastic ahead, but pouches and rigids help stand out
Smaller pack size for greater growth prospects globally
In mature markets, small is best, but share packs appeal too

Keeping Control of Price

Immediate affordability of treats sought after in Asia and Africa
Pack downsizing as a way to control price: example of the UK
“ Shrinkflation ”: a common practice in consumer goods industries
“ Shrinkflation ” particularly tempting in slowing confectionery market
“ Shrinkflation ” a short-term measure for large pack sizes
Economic variables held as reasons to offer less for same price

Re-packaging Treats as Healthy

Consumers demand snacks with a greater health profile
Pack sizing can help address health concerns where needed
Countlines adapt to grazing behaviour… and reduce consumer guilt
Premiumisation through packaging in savoury snacks
Targeting millennials in Asia with new formats: the example of Oreo
Smaller pack and thinner product for a higher brand profile
Cornetto aims to strengthen its Asian hold in the premium segment

Delivering a Better Experience

Rising consumer desire to relax, to feel unique and to “experience ”
Pack convenience rise to the fore for snacks brand owners
Resourceful packaging innovation to help widen eating occasions
Raising pack convenience to appeal throughout the world
Pack formats diversify further for snacking on the go


Why use pack sizing in snacks?


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