Global Supply Chain Sensitivity Index

September 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown the vulnerability of the current supply chain model and has had an extensive impact on the manufacturing industry. This briefing explores how industry’s necessity to consumers, B2B clients, and industry’s role in transportation systems and geographic diversification impact supply chain sensitivity.

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Key Findings

economies of scale, while emerging economies gained significantly from their integration into the global value chain and trade network. utilise and interconnected. This helped companies to better globalisedSince the 1990s the global supply chain has become increasingly

However, at the same time this created additional structural risks. The outbreak of COVID-19 showed that supply chain disruptions in one country can have a domino effect across the globe and create disruptions for manufacturing industries.

The impact of COVID-19 on different manufacturing industries varies, although industries that are most reliant on efficient transportation and delivery systems and industries with long supply chains suffered the heaviest impact.

In terms of growth rates, the outbreak of COVID-19 is expected to have the most significant impact on automotive, shipbuilding, machinery and metal products industries, due to weaker demand from B2B buyers. On the other hand, agriculture, food and pharma industries are expected to feel more moderate impact on their growth.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) exposes structural risks in the global supply chain
Supply chain sensitivity index helps to indicate structural risks
Industries with most sensitive supply chains
Food products and pharma the most essential industries for consumers
Automotive and rubber are key for supporting transportation services
Machinery is the most important industry for manufacturing sector
Machinery and electronics have the lowest geographic diversification
Supply chain regionalisation of critical components to accelerate


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