Global Tobacco: Key Findings Part 3 – Other Tobacco Products

March 2018

Other tobacco products grew in value at a global level in 2016. In smoking tobacco, fine cut’s price advantage over cigarettes continues to fuel value growth in Europe, while shisha has a strong foundation in the Middle East and Africa. Sales of cigars remain centred in the US and China, while cigarillos are popular in the US and Europe. Smokeless tobacco is only present in a few geographies, such as North America and Scandinavia, but can see growth as an alternative to smoking in the future.

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Smoking tobacco sales grow in value 2.2%

Smoking tobacco registered positive year-on-year volume and value growth. This was mainly driven by positive performance in key fine cut markets in Western Europe, and continued growth in pipe tobacco in the Middle East. However, the US smoking tobacco market has been slowing down as consumers increasingly turn to other tobacco alternatives.

Cigars and cigarillos grow in volume 1.5%

The global cigars and cigarillos market continued to grow in 2016. The positive cigars dynamic is largely driven by the two biggest markets for the category –the US and China. The US also leads the cigarillos category, mainly driven by flavoured cigarillos, while price fighter cigarillos are popular in certain European markets. Future growth in the category will come from emerging markets.

Smokeless tobacco grows in value 5%

Smokeless tobacco showed strong value growth in 2016, driven by Swedish-style snus and US-style “dip”. Asian-style chewing tobacco was responsible for the sharp decline in volumes, attributed to the shrinking Indian market. Some moist snuff products, especially Swedish-style snus, are increasingly seen as viable cigarette alternatives. In this, they will face increasing competition from vapour products in the future.



Key Findings

Headlines for 2016

Smoking Tobacco

Smoking tobacco is centred in Western Europe and MEA
Fine cut price advantage over RMC remains but declines ahead
Volume tobacco is attracting down-trading smokers in Europe
Shisha in the Middle East drives world pipe tobacco growth
Italy exemplifies current fine cut trends in Europe
Egypt is the world leader in pipe tobacco
EUTPD has a big impact on fine cut, but no obligations on taxation
Leading companies and their brands in fine cut tobacco
Leading companies and their brands in pipe tobacco
Top trends in world fine cut tobacco innovations
Top trends in pipe tobacco innovations

Cigars and Cigarillos

Western Europe and USA dominate the category
US and China to drive cigar growth in future
Cigarillos are popular in Eastern Europe
Small cigars account for over half of global cigar sales
Flavoured cigarillos represents leading category worldwide
Spectacular rise of price fighter cigarillos in Hungary
Decline in cigars mitigated by rise in cigarillos in Switzerland
New regulations for cigars and cigarillos in US and EU
Leading companies and their brands in cigars
Leading companies and their brands in cigarillos
Top trends in world cigar innovations
Top trends in world cigarillo innovations

Smokeless Tobacco

Geographic footprint of smokeless tobacco in 2016
Moist snuff growth is mitigated by strong chewing fall
Future growth remains with “dip” and snus
Leading smokeless tobacco countries and their prospects
Potential for snus as a reduced-risk alternative in Asia
Chewing bags instead of banned Swedish-style snus in the EU
Leading companies and their brands in chewing tobacco
Leading companies and their brands in snuff
Top trends in smokeless tobacco innovations


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