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Government and Trade

Develop successful strategies to promote products at home and abroad, secure trade revenues, create jobs and boost the economy. 

Prioritise export markets attractive for investment 

Gain an unbiased, independent view of industry sectors to identify, evaluate and prioritise export markets offering the best opportunities. Whether advising small or medium enterprises, expanding into new markets is strategically important to boost your country's economy. 

Our market and sector research helps formulate strategies driving export growth, competitive positioning and market share. 

Assess the consequences of changing legislation 

Create impact assessment studies examining the consequences of changing policy directives and legislation to formulate evidence-based policy recommendations. 

Predict how legislation changes will impact industry growth, tax revenues, employment, company balance sheets, the environment and consumer health based on market demand and current economic contribution by industry. 

Benchmark performance against 'best in class' 

Benchmark the strength of an industry sector relative to competitor countries using our internationally comparable market size statistics. Create key performance indicators to measure the success of trade promotion initiatives.  

Have full confidence in our research with our transparent methodology, category definitions and sources and rely on our research experts to offer support when additional insight and clarification of published data is required.


Euromonitor International supports a wide range of functions across government and trade promotion organisations including export promotion, inward investment, regional development, in-house strategic planning, legislation and policy making. 

Our clients include government ministries and their advisors across national and international departments. We help governments shape policy directives and legislation, and trade promotion organisations promote national, regional and sector focused interests abroad. 

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