Hair Care Efficacy Expectations Expand with Shifting Consumer Needs

August 2017

Euromonitor explores the shifting hair care needs and preferences of global consumers. Results are based on responses to Euromonitor’s 2016 Beauty Survey, which includes 20,000 online consumers in 20 countries.

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Hair care - from routine hygiene to hair health and appearance

Rising expectations in hair care efficacy are linked to three core consumer needs: hair and scalp health, healthy appearance and ageing hair care. These key needs mirror consumers’ reported hair concerns and span gender and generations.

Healthy hair and scalp - an important hair care priority

Along with efficient cleansing, hair care products are expected to moisturise, nourish and offer reparative benefits. While many consumers engage in time-intensive deep conditioning and spa treatments for maximum impact, busy day-to day routines often spur them to look for convenient products that deliver multifunctional benefits.

Ageing hair concerns span generations

The normal cycle of hair growth and loss can be disrupted due to multiple factors: stress, hormones, genes, lifestyle, chemical treatments, all of which can cause hair to age faster. Premature ageing and hair loss is a concern for both genders, especially at younger ages when appearance matters most.

Healthy hair needs extended to appearance and manageability solution

Over one quarter of the average total time spent on hair care is dedicated to styling. Appearance-conscious, time-poor consumers, particularly women, expect products to help them manage difficult, tangled and frizzy hair.

Informed consumers link efficacy with ingredients

With increasing awareness of what goes into their hair care products, informed consumers link efficacy with ingredients. In some cases, untraditional exotic and “green” ingredients are even preferred over luxury brands and consumers are willing to pay more for the perceived benefits.


Key findings

Shifting Consumer Hair Care Needs

From routine hygiene to health and appearance
Rising efficacy expectations across product categories

Efficacy Expectations Centre on Three Core Hair Care Needs

Product efficacy measured across three core hair care needs
Core hair care needs match reported concerns
Hair care needs cut across gender lines

Hair and Scalp Health

Betting on multi-functional products for healthy hair benefits
Conditioning treatments evolving as super (healthy) products

Ageing Hair Care

Ageing hair concerns span generations
Differences in anti-ageing needs call for a gendered solution

Ageing hair care

Expansion opportunity for “ hairceuticals ” in ageing hair care

Healthy Appearance

Styling for healthy hair appearance
Women’s styling needs include finding a manageability solution

Additional Efficacy Positioning Considerations

Ingredients linked to efficacy across key hair needs
Growing ingredient awareness: Opportunity to premiumise ?
Brand performance tied to clear positioning of consumer needs

Opportunities for Hair Care Brands

Future hair care opportunities follow shifting consumer preferences


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