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Health and Wellness

What are the current and future drivers of consumer behaviour and production dynamics for health and wellness organisations? 

Understand consumer and demographic trends 

Track the latest megatrends in health: where are consumers more health and fitness conscious? 

Assess regional health expenditure, life expectancy, nutrition trends and obesity rates in different regions and respond to demographic shifts, such as an ageing population or the growing middle class, to inform distribution and product strategies.

Take advantage of emerging trends

Assess global trends regarding over-the-counter, vitamins and dietary supplements, sports nutrition and weight management products to target new product development, marketing and sales strategies. 

Contrast trends of nutrition and disease prevention by healthy food and beverages versus vitamins and supplements and respond to changing regulations across countries, aligning your positioning towards regional health policies and campaigns in your key markets. 

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Fine tune your go-to-market strategy 

Analyse gaps in the health and wellness market, explore market structures and examine distribution trends to maximise channel revenue and align your corporate strategy to the outlook of the market based on consumer need, spending behaviour and future industry forecasts to prioritise markets for expansion. 

solutions for health and wellness clients

Analyse opportunities from consumer preferences around healthy lifestyles, identify key consumer targets and uncover new growth prospects

Size the market, analyse distribution channels, compare brand and company shares, identify emerging trends to understand demand drivers and assess the competitive landscape.

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