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Health by Generation: Understanding Healthy Lifestyles and Behaviours

July 2020

Euromonitor’s Health and Nutrition Survey provides insight on consumers’ health behaviour and perceptions in a variety of industries, including consumer health, health and wellness, packaged food, and nutrition.

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Overview of Health and Nutrition Survey


The Health and Nutrition Survey explores consumers’ health and nutrition-related behaviours, perceptions, expectations, and attitudes. This survey launched in 2019 and is tracked annually. 

Survey, design, execution and analysis were developed collaboratively across teams within Euromonitor International, in conjunction with outside sample partners. 


A diverse set of online panellists in 21 countries were invited to participate between January and February 2020. 1,000 responses were captured in each market. 

Panellists were pre-screened to ensure that the sample matched each country’s population according to nested quotas for age (from 15 to 74) and gender. 

Data Cleaning

Oonly unique, complete responses to the Health and Nutrition Survey questionnaire were used in analysis. Data cleaning includes removing duplicate IP addresses, illogical responses and responses with fast completion times. 


Understanding consumers’ health-related choices and actions
The Health and Nutrition Survey and Coronavirus

Attitudes and Perceptions of Health

Consumers’ perceptions of their current health status
Growing focus on mental wellbeing

Understanding sleep, stress and anxiety

Prioritising stress and anxiety management
Online influences trigger stress and anxiety
Limiting exposure of online platforms and social media
Understanding sleep habits of Generation Z and millennials

Understanding Sleep, Stress, and Anxiety

Restless and disturbed sleep impacts Generation X and baby boomers

Weight Management and Barriers to Exercise

Incorporating weight management into holistic healthy living
Changing perspectives on weight management and loss
Integrating physical activity into daily habits and behaviours
Consumers are struggling to make time to exercise

Medical Behaviours and Perceptions

Accepting medical information from alternative sources
Use of pharmaceutical products and over-the-counter medicine
Understanding approaches to medical care
Perceptions on safety of pharmaceutical products
Moving towards online health platforms to save time and money
Barriers to medical visits
Understanding perceptions on online health information sources
Growing acceptance of online and virtual health sources

Research Overview

Overview of Health and Nutrition Survey
Health and Nutrition Survey covers health habits and 15+ illnesses (1)
Health and Nutrition Survey covers health habits and 15+ illnesses (2)


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