Healthy Ageing: Opportunities In Cardiovascular and Bone Health Positioned Foods and Beverages

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May 2017

Life expectancy is dramatically rising around the globe and therefore, there is an increasing need to tackle the ageing generation. However, key ageing-related positionings, such as cardiovascular health and bone and joint health, need reinvigorating, as they are the largest segments but both showing disappointing performance. This report delves into the opportunities and challenges to revive these categories, with a focus on the naturally functional trend as well as education as a key tool to e

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Healthy Ageing: Opportunities In Cardiovascular and Bone Health Positioned Foods and Beverages

Population is ageing by leaps and bounds

Life expectancy is dramatically rising around the globe and in particular “Baby Boom“ cohorts are becoming more and more important. Therefore, there is an increasing need to tackle the ageing population.

Cardiovascular health and bone and joint health positioned products need reinvigorating

Ageing goes together with health challenges but it can be a positive process if the right approach is taken. Following a healthy diet is key and this brings opportunities for food and drinks manufacturers through prime positioning. Cardiovascular health and bone and joint health, valued at USD8.2 billion and USD15.7 billion, respectively, in 2016 at a global level, are the largest segments and the ones in need to be revived since both showed sharp decline over the review period.

A need to reformulate products targeting the ageing segments through natural ingredients

The lack of innovation, partly due to strict health claims regulation, have made manufacturers to be heavily reliant on a limited number of ingredients. Bone health positioning, for example, has not moved successfully beyond dairy or FF juice with established brands such as Tropicana and Minute Maid accounting for 45% of bone health positioned beverages at a global level in 2016. Therefore, there is a need to innovate in these areas following on the naturally functional trend.

The importance of health claims to build trust behind brands as well as engage with consumers

To revive the bad performance of bone health- and heart health-positioned foods and beverages there is two main approaches: innovate with products that are naturally rich in ingredients with approved health claims or explore newer superfoods such as moringa or curcumin and invest in strong science for future health claim approvals. Moreover, education is essential as well as engaging with the consumer from a more personal and emotional perspective.


Objectives of the global briefing
Key findings

Targeting the Ageing Consumer

Population is getting older around the globe
Baby Boomers push up the median age of population
Life longer, live healthier
The ageing population, richer than other segments
Old is the new young
Good nutrition for body and mind
Prevention outperforms treatment
Functional food and drinks dominate demand for HW products
Prime positioning in order to tackle ageing consumer
Ageing-related positionings need reinvigorating
Key criteria to succeed in cardiovascular and bone health

Cardiovascular Health

FF bread brand Vita Hjertego fuelled growth of cardiovascular positioning
Cardiovascular health positioning in need to be revived
Go for approved claims with a natural perception
Oats’ beta-glucans in Cardiovascular health foods still current
Education is key to turn around carbohydrate’s poor reputation
Coca-Cola Plus to support health in the ageing population
Naturally sourced omega-3 to follow on the NH trend
Algae emerge as a great plant-based source of high-quality omega-3
Curcumin and garlic on the spot
Have you ever thought about combining red wine and chocolate?
Mediterranean diet for good heart health
Linking Cardiovascular health and physical activity
Natural ingredients to boost Cardiovascular health and endurance
Start-ups to watch out: the “Heart Healthy Challenge”

Bone and Joint Health

Dairy remains dominant in bone and joint health
Asia Pacific set to see the fastest growth by 2021
Education is key for bone and joint health positioning
Any excitement in the bone and joint health positioning
A plethora of ingredients can offer bone and joint health benefits
Ready-made fresh cut foods full of bone-building nutrients
Nutritious fruit/vegetable juices to target bone health
Moving bone and joint positioning beyond juice
Moringa set to be the new top superfood
Engage with the consumer through emotional branding

Key Recommendations

Key recommendations


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Health and wellness category definitions

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