Healthy Living: Home As Health Hub

March 2018

Healthy habits in the home form an intrinsic part of the preventative health movement and the holistic view towards health-aligned lifestyles. Consumers’ recognition of health detriments associated with lack of sleep, unhealthy kitchen practices, indoor pollution and bacteria exposure are creating new business propositions to address such priorities. Pressures from external stressors and extreme digitalisation are bringing renewed focus on achieving balance in the home as a form of escapism.

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Healthy living in the home: Home as sanctuary

Healthy habits in the home form an intrinsic part of the healthy living movement, further reinforced by increased preoccupation with ‘clean living’ and ‘clean sleeping’ as means to achieving a more balanced and secure environment in the space of our homes.

Healthy kitchen frenzy: The kitchen as an essential step towards a healthier life style

The shift towards preventative health and healthier nutrition habits entails a closer look at cooking practices and more wholesome ingredients, as well as food storage, which preserves essential nutrients. Smarter technology,alongside reinvention of traditional concepts serve as an enabler.

Hygiene boost: Eliminating the baddies in the home

Increasing awareness of health detriments associated with certain allergens and indoor pollution is creating commercial opportunities around skin health benefits and air purifying solutions. Laundry and cleaning habits look to eliminate bacteria, but not at the expense of skin and general health.

At home therapy: Mental wellbeing in the home

Heightened pressures from external life stressors and extreme digitalization are bringing a renewed focus on cocooning and securing a state of mental wellbeing in the home. A host of sleep-supporting propositions and products that enhance home ambience and balance are on the innovation front line.

High-tech vs. back to basics:A key balancing act

While technology, digitalisation and extreme efficacy are becoming key aspects to product development, at its core healthy living reinforces the importance of simplicity, transparency and a ‘back-to-basics’ approach, the balance of which should be key when building a viable proposition, both in terms of price point and positioning.


Megatrend analysis at Euromonitor International
Megatrend analysis
Healthy Living is one of our eight focus megatrends
Key findings: home as health hub

Home As Health Hub

A healthier home as part of a wide health-orientated lifestyle choice
The home as sanctuary: shifting consumer values
Clean living: the pursuit of a simple, clutter-free and healthy home
“Clean” sleeping: a new commercial proposition
High allergy prevalence/awareness: reinforced focus on prevention
Healthy nutrition: a new tactic to weight management
Home as Health Hub splits into three trend dimensions

Home As Health Hub: Healthy Kitchen Frenzy

Healthy Kitchen Frenzy: key trends
Smarter k itchens are set to make healthy cooking easier
Health-conscious urban consumers embrace “grow-your-own” trend
Mortier Pilon
Click and Grow
Food storage and preservation go beyond simple solutions
LG InstaView Door-in-Door
Prepd Pack

Home As Health Hub: Hygiene Boost

Hygiene Boost: key trends
A clean home for a safe, healthy and secure environment
Hygienic laundry not at the expense of skin health
SC Johnson & Son
Seeking empowerment in the fight against air pollution
Sensio Air
Hisense Pearl Series

Home As Health Hub: At-Home Therapy

At-Home T herapy: key trends
Peace of mind: mental wellbeing at home
Neom Organics
Sleep health: snoozing to better health


Home as health hub: expanding the business opportunity
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