Healthy Living

August 2017

Advancements in technology are increasing the possibility of living longer and more prosperous lives, as well as most pertinently, providing people with the means to autonomously manage their own wellbeing. Thus, healthy living today extends to a more holistic sense of a person and encompasses mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental measures. The more of these attributes that a brand can reflect and connect to, the stronger it will be.

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Perceptions of healthy living are shifting beyond just physical health to represent a much more holistic view, where food, exercise, mental well being, and broader lifestyle issues are seen as a whole entity.


Technology is at the forefront of this behavioural shift, with devices, digital platforms and science evolution facilitating health tracking, diagnosis, general health awareness and personalised prevention concepts, which support the newly-forming self-care model and approach by consumers today.


In pursuit of a more preventative approach to staying healthy, consumers are opting for more conscious nutritional alternatives, indulging in products with added functional benefits, and showing willingness to adopt and pay for products and services that support those wellbeing initiatives, both inside and outside their homes.


Building credibility around fully substantiated ‘healthy’ credentials will remain a challenge. Projecting simplicity and transparency as part of a brand image will add further relevance and trust in an environment that is seeing rising interest in natural healing propositions, traditional herbal remedies, and naturally healthy ingredient alternatives.


The community element to wellness is becoming more pronounced, with healthy lifestyles viewed as successful and highly aspirational. Wellbeing is now a key component of projecting a better and improved personal image, which many are keen to broadcast among others. Buying into a product/service that represents a healthier personal ‘brand’ will become the new status symbol.

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Megatrend analysis at Euromonitor International
Megatrend framework
Healthy Living is one of our eight focus megatrends
Key findings on Healthy Living
Definition of Healthy Living broadens
Challenges and opportunities

What is Driving the Trend?

Five core drivers are shaping Healthy Living
Shifting economic power: Emerging markets embryonic
Population change: S atisfying the quest for a longer life
Technology: Health education and health management evolving
Population change: Rise of chronic disease incidence
Population change: Obesity key driver of preventative health
Environmental shifts and pressures: A precursor of health concerns
Changing values: Health becoming a core lifestyle choice

Healthy Living in Action

Healthy Living splits into three trend dimensions
Healthy Living: Key trends
Self education: Driving shift from treatment to prevention
GoForward, Inc: Design your health
Dettol: A pledge to sanitation education
Hayati: Government-backed management of chronic conditions
Personalisation: Encouragement to nurture individual needs
La Roche Posay: Real-time wearables
Ixcela: Science-rooted dietary supplements
Habit: Grocery list built on biology
Back to basics: trust in the traditional and transparent
LOLI beauty: Kitchen cupboard beauty with authority
Alchemlife: Expanding A yurveda from India to the world
Jiaduobao: Ready-to-drink tea inspired by ancient roots
Free From & Clean Label: Less is best
Yoplait kids: Parental concerns in the USA drive clean label
Starbucks skinny latte: Lactose-free, no added sugar, fair trade
Phrooti: low sugar fruity drink without artificial sweeteners
Functional Fuel: targeted functionality is the key to wellbeing
Coca-Cola Plus: supporting health in a geing Japanese population
Waitrose: Naturally functional veggie yoghurts
Coca-Cola: Betting on naturally healthy aloe vera beverages
Mindful indulgence: Health without sacrifice
RECHOC: Chocolate with physiological benefits
Farmer’s Fridge: Reimagining the vending machine
Beesket: Bespoke juice bar experience
Domesticating tech: Facilitating a healthy home
Hurom: Slow and steady wins the race
Peloton cycle: Making solitary fitness sociable
Fitbit: Rewarding gamers through NBA 2K17 collaboration
Status symbol: Gyms becoming the new social clubs
ClassPass: A statement of commitment
adidas: democratising a thleticism
Well Within: building a health-conscious community experience
Mental wellbeing: consumers taking more control of their wellbeing
EVEN Hotels: IHG’s answer to travel stress
Philosophy wellbeing workshop: Mindful retail
Sensorwake Olfactory Alarm Clock: Enhance your sleep
Healthy Living: Key market learnings


Healthy Living in brief
Healthy Living: what to focus on
Leverage the power of megatrends to shape your strategy today


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