Healthy Living: The New Face of Healthy Ageing

December 2017

A growing ageing population is both an economic challenge and a business opportunity. As populations age, life’s milestones are deferred, and more people in the later stages of life assume the typical responsibilities of their younger counterparts, such as working and caring for children; all of which require optimum physical and cognitive form. Supporting consumers to optimize their healthy years requires intuitive products and sensitive marketing to engage the young, the old and the ageless.

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Healthy ageing: Transforming challenges into opportunities

The pursuit of healthier lifestyles is transforming stereotypes about ageing across all demographics. Recognition of prevention throughout all life stages is paramount. Through a holistic approach, inclusive of lifestyle, physical form, internal balance and nutrition, companies can transform challenges into opportunities.

Perceptions of and approach to prevention distinct across the young, the old and the ‘ageless’

Encouraging preventative measures among the young is critical, if only to satisfy an increasingly sought-after ‘health’ status. While specific solutions are an appropriate proposition for the more sceptical older generations, addressing needs with strongly backed-up claims should be key for the ageagnostic ‘ageless’ generation.

Nutritional habits: Thinking beyond the bare necessities

While perceptions of nutrition as the key important factor for health is most universal among all ages, a closer assessment of formats, packaging, positioning and credibility among various ingestible solutions is required.

Physical form: Balancing of preferences, needs and cultures

Aligning healthy ageing concepts around physical fitness and form, should promote early adoption and status for the young, further encouragement and dedicated product positioning for the elderly, and focus on community values and specific needs for the ‘ageless’.

Lifestyle routines: Old habits die hard

The adoption of new habits and the reversal of engrained routines require a focus seamless health-intrinsic lifestyle products and technology or socially enabled solutions and services that support a health-oriented mind-set.

Internal balance: Mind over matter

Acknowledgement of the importance of brain and mental health to ageing is creating opportunities across a variety of sectors, including supplements, fortified foods, community services and sleep-related products.


Megatrend analysis at Euromonitor International
Megatrend framework
Healthy Living is one of our eight focus megatrends
Key findings

Introduction to Healthy Ageing

Healthy ageing: what?
Quality of life, not just quantity
Healthy ageing: why ?
Deferred life milestones require sustained ability and mobility
Healthy ageing: where ?
Developing cities at the heart of the ageing conversation
Healthy ageing: who?
Healthy ageing in the young: prevention awareness
The young: encouraging preparation for the reality of a longer life
Healthy ageing in the old: encouraging prevention
The old: old habits die hard
Healthy ageing in the ageless: inherent prevention
The ageless: debunking the notion of chronological age
Framework for healthy ageing

Healthy Ageing in Action: Nutritional Habits

Nutritional habits: thinking beyond the bare necessities
Perfecting the balance in food fortification
BetterYou : sublingual and transdermal vitamin delivery systems
Totox : better than Botox
Fortified Food Coatings: supporting the intake of daily nutrients
RXBAR: legibility and credibility

Healthy Ageing in Action: Physical Form

Physical form: balancing of preferences, needs and perceptions
Diverse short-term motivations, one long-term goal
Clif Bar: employee benefits for an active workforce
Black Box VR: immersive Virtual Reality Gym and Fitness Experience
Ambrosia: young blood, better blood?
Pola Orbis : getting to the root of the wrinkle
The Ageless Café: a beacon of holistic healthy ageing

Healthy Ageing in Action: Lifestyle Routines

Lifestyle routines: old habits die hard
Building on awareness and support to shift engrained habits
Nia: “not into aging” skin care
Mundo Prateado : solutions that facilitate everyday lives of the elderly
Be My Eyes: sharing economy volunteer-led virtual assistance
Lumosity : preventive gamification

Healthy Ageing in Action: Internal Balance

Internal balance: mind over matter
Breaking down stress stereotypes
Moon Juice: story-telling enchantment
Simba : reinventing sleep as a lifestyle choice for the young
The Freebird Club: adventure and discovery for the over 50s
Libeeration : relieving symptoms in menopausal women
Neuroon : the sleep mask of the future


Healthy Ageing: expanding the business opportunity
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