Hi-Tech Goods in Western Europe

January 2019

Western European production of hi-tech goods demonstrated strong results in 2017, benefitting from optimistic global economic trends during the year. The region further cemented its position as the global advanced goods production hub, with numerous opportunities rising in industrial, electric vehicles, Internet of Things and other fields. Forecasts for the industry, nevertheless, are turning out to be more pessimistic due to rising political uncertainty and slowing European economies.

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Key Findings

Hi-tech goods production in Western Europe to remain on a growth path, although challenges emerge

In 2017, Western European hi-tech goods production continued increasing, and showed one of the best performances of recent years. Strengthening global economies, rising positivity and increasing investments were the primary growth drivers. Nevertheless, challenges are rising at both political and economic levels, likely limiting the industry’s growth in coming years.

Germany to drive the region’s growth

Germany, having the strongest manufacturing base in the continent, is expected to lead growth over 2017-2030 and account for 69% of the region’s growth over this period. The country has it all to make the largest impact on the region’s industry’s expansion: strong industrial companies, know-how, innovation funding, and qualified labour skills.

Industrial and automotive products see new horizons

Western European countries will increase focus on an innovative product portfolio, such as industrial applications thanks to the emerging fourth industrial revolution, and electric vehicle components due to electric cars preparing to take over conventional cars. This creates perfect conditions for the hi-tech industry to trigger growth once again.

Competitive landscape remains fragmented with concentration growth observed

The competitive landscape remains relatively fragmented, although some categories distinguish with larger concentration. The competition is likely to consolidate in future, due to necessity for large-scale investments and rising global competition with Asian producers.

Western European companies spur international trade

Hi-tech goods trade in Western Europe saw a strong year in 2017, thanks to positive global economic outlook. European companies increasingly seek to boost their international presence due to the region’s often unconvincing economic development, and manufacturing potential further shifting eastwards.


Key findings

Production Outlook

Western Europe cements positions in global hi-tech goods industry
Region’s growth surprises, yet many challenges await
Germany leads the region’s growth
Key region’s countries struggle to find key to growth
Western European makers choose different growth paths (1)
Western European makers choose different growth paths ( 2 )
Western Europe – a well diversified region

Competitive Landscape

Concentration likely to increase in future
Concentration increases further in region’s hi-tech goods industry

Foreign Trade

Strong economic development drives exports, yet challenges rise
Imports of ICT services remain restricted by national policies

Country Snapshots

Germany : production context
Germany : foreign trade landscape
Italy : production context
Italy : foreign trade landscape
France : production context
France : foreign trade landscape
United Kingdom : production context
United Kingdom : foreign trade landscape
Switzerland : production context
Switzerland : foreign trade landscape
Spain : production context
Spain : foreign trade landscape
Ireland : production context
Ireland : foreign trade landscape
Turkey : production context
Turkey : foreign trade landscape
Netherlands: p roduction context
Netherlands : foreign trade landscape
Sweden: p roduction context
Sweden : foreign trade landscape
Austria: production context
Austria : foreign trade landscape
Denmark : production context
Denmark : foreign trade landscape
Finland : p roduction context
Finland : foreign trade landscape
Belgium : production context
Belgium : foreign trade landscape
Portugal : p roduction context
Portugal : foreign trade landscape
Norway : production context
Norway : foreign trade landscape
Greece : production context
Greece : foreign trade landscape
Luxembourg : production context
Luxembourg : foreign trade landscape
Cyprus : production context
Cyprus : foreign trade landscape


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