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Home and Garden: Retailing Landscape

October 2015

The home and garden market has largely recovered from the economic crisis, and the battle between physical retailers and e-commerce has turned into a marriage of convenience as both play a role in the development of omni-channel retailing. Consumers are better informed and new forms of consumption are emerging that challenge established business models. Emerging markets will play a greater part in global demand of home and garden products and will force companies to adapt or disappear.

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Technology drives retail shift

Consumers are increasingly relying on their smartphones to inform and assist in their shopping decisions. They also provide direction to physical stores and can even be used to pay for products and services through digital wallet apps. Retailers are adapting to this new technology paradigm by trying to engage with their customers via their smartphones more than desktops.

Greater consumer self-confidence

Internet searches and the abundance of how-to videos and articles have made consumers more knowledgeable and thus less dependent on in-store sales assistants. They are also increasingly demanding, thus putting more pressure on retailers.

Internet of Things (IoT) opens up new road for innovation

There is a potentially endless amount of new products and services that can emerge from the Internet of Things. Among the major applications is the dream of the connected home where all appliances and machines can communicate with each other and adapt to the needs of the household.

Security and privacy will be tested

As more and more personal data goes through smartphones, the threat from online piracy will grow and this could potentially slow down the acceptance of mobile payments for example. The other issue is the large amount of customer data gathered by companies that operate connected objects and devices. Some balance will need to be struck between privacy and information sharing.

Omni-channel replaces “Clicks versus Bricks”

In the midst of the recession, some claimed that the high street was dead and that all retail would soon be done online. A few years later and it seems that online and offline are complementing each other.


Key findings

Global Overview

Home and garden back on track
Home improvement returns to pre-crisis level
Indoor furniture: Feeble r ecovery in sight
Gardening: Uptick in 2014 after years of decline
Home improvement in Asia Pacific remains the key growth driver
Largest penetration of non-store in North America
Direct selling : a key retail channel in some emerging markets (1)
Direct selling : a key retail channel in some emerging markets (2)
Spending tied to car ownership, except for a few outliers
Rising power of cities

New Drivers of Consumer Demand

How-to content creates new impulse
Sharing economy to promote DIY culture
Big chains adapting to the sharing economy
Online adspend coming of age
Higher share of online adspend in emerging markets

The Internet of Things

A step into the future: The Internet of Things
Smart objects at home can unlock long-term revenue
IoT applications in gardening
Retail opportunities for the Internet of Things

From Showrooming to Webrooming

From showrooming…
…to webrooming
Danger of showrooming phenomenon overstated

Revival of the Bricks-and-Mortar Store

Attracting omni -channel shoppers: Personalised ads
Mobile payment solutions
Comparing today’s mobile payment technologies
Building a successful omni-channel strategy
Ever-growing number of delivery options
Few home and garden specialist retailers among top e- tailers (1)
Few home and garden specialist retailers among top e- tailers (2)
Home Depot: Successful omni-channel strategy
IKEA: Click-and-collect model illustrates new multi-channel strategy
Argos tablets in the UK
Karstadt’s in-store online shopping terminals in Germany


Mobile commerce will prevail
Urbanisation will challenge retailers
Asia Pacific will lead in homewares and home furnishings
Key takeaways

Report Definitions

Data parameters
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