Households: The USA

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Jun 2019

The US market is characterised by continued urbanisation of households and the overall growth in the number of households. A digital gap continues to exist between rural and urban homes, but in general US homes are well connected to digital goods and services. Millennials are reshaping the local real estate market, driving demand for smaller, urban homes both in rentals and sales. Single-person homes will dominate the local market, particularly as the number of children per household declines.

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Households: The USA

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Households: The USA



Chart 1 SWOT Analysis: the USA


Rural homes still lag behind in connectivity
Chart 2 Households by Location and Number of Rooms/Persons in the USA


Record low unemployment, but rising inequality
Chart 3 Sex, Age, Education and Employment in the USA
Chart 4 Case Study on Consumer Composition: the USA


Ageing offers opportunities
Chart 5 Family Units and Children per Household in the USA


More functions wanted from appliances
Chart 6 Household Penetration by Facilities and Durables in 2030 in the USA


Subscription outpacing cable
Chart 7 Household Digitalisation in the USA
Chart 8 Case Study on Household Telecoms: the USA


Cooling market in 2019
Chart 9 Rentals and Household Finance in the USA


Affordable housing crisis
Chart 10 Houses and Apartments in the USA