How to Meet The Connected Consumer’s Need For A Seamless Mobile Commerce Experience

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Aug 2016

Mobile is reshaping the retail landscape, taking market share from other channels as overall digital retail volume grows. However, device-switching for researching, selecting and purchasing products is still commonplace, and consumers remain cautious about mobile-based payments. Learn how retailers can use omnichannel strategies to create a more seamless shopping experience.

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How to Meet The Connected Consumer’s Need For A Seamless Mobile Commerce Experience

Mobile’s role in the path to purchase varies across channels

Mobile does not play a significant role in the pre-purchase process for an in-person or computer-based purchase. In contrast, mobile buyers rely more heavily on digital channels when shopping.

Usage of mobile along path to purchase increases likelihood of eventual mobile payment

Some 7% of global consumers not only make mobile purchases, but also leverage their mobile phones for every step of the path to purchase. This is still low in absolute terms, but holds much potential: these all-in mobile shoppers make up half of mobile payment makers. This gives credence to the usage of mobile during the path to purchase as a lynchpin for the final payment.

Mobile phone increasingly becoming the purchase device of choice

While the computer remains the digital device of choice, global consumers are increasingly shifting towards the mobile phone when making a payment. As an example, Chinese consumers spent more through the mobile phone for the first time in 2015, based on new Euromonitor data.

Prospect of proximity payments continues to garner headlines

While remote mobile payments are currently more popular, in-person mobile payments are truly the Holy Grail because of what the mobile wallet can do in terms of digitising the path to purchase and eliminating the friction tied to the payment process.

Strategies for creating a seamless mobile commerce experience

In order to increase consumers’ mobile participation along the path to purchase, merchants and brands should consider how to leverage mobile to create a frictionless, connected experience, utilise mobile and related technologies to build brand engagement and finally embrace the mobile wallet as the central hub for digital consumers of tomorrow.


Scope of strategy briefing
Key findings

Placing Mobile in Retail Context

Hyperconnected consumers provide insights into future retail trends
Variety of channels and devices let consumers choose how to shop
Leveraging mobile among multiple channels along path to purchase
Strategies needed for every stage of the path to purchase
How do shoppers end up buying in a physical store versus mobile ?
Who are mobile shoppers and buyers, now and in the future?
Store bias remains hurdle for online purchase in certain categories
Little variation among product categories for mobile purchases

The ever-evolving payment experience

Mobile phone increasingly becoming purchase device of choice

The Ever-Evolving Payment Experience

A number of barriers continue to hinder mobile-based commerce
Companies focus on eliminating friction of mobile-based commerce
Mobile provides foundation for a variety of payment platforms
Social media: The future of the brand-and-consumer relationship
Emerging market consumers more likely to embrace social media
Prospect of proximity payments has garnered recent headlines
Reasons that consumers have not used in-store mobile payments
User-friendly app, loyalty top the list of preferred features
Proximity payments are forecast to outpace remote payments
Merchants fight for a place at their own checkout counters

Mobile-Driven Insights and Strategies

Three strategies for creating a seamless mobile experience
Strategies needed for every stage of the path to purchase
Mobile strategies should focus on three key consumer desires
Brands should leverage technology to drive brand engagement
Social media platforms begin to monetise the network’s reach
Why social commerce has the power to drive mobile commerce
Hurdles to commerce one day unfolding in the social media stream
Other important technologies not to be overlooked by marketers
Mobile wallets could become the central hub for digital consumers
A mobile wallet could one day store all aspects of commerce life
In time, mobile wallets could usher in the era of personalisation

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