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How to Tap into the Untapped Potential in Drinks

December 2009

The opportunities for commercialised drinks in the “untapped zone”, comprising Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa are vast, especially if disposable spending power grows and broader cross-sections of the population are brought into mainstream retail consumption culture. Currently, branded packaged drinks account for only 10% of recommended liquid intake, and with the combined population in this region estimated at around 5 billion people, this implies a colossal potential windfall.

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Objectives of the Drinking Habits Series
Setting the Scene: Untapped Zone
What Does the Region with Untapped Potential Drink in 2009
Key Findings


Asia-Pacific: 2009 Snapshot
Region of Opportunity Across Wide Array of Sectors
Beer, Water and Juice are Key Growth Sectors
Beer to Continue to Dominate Spending
Asia-Pacific: Key Drinks Fortunes in Economic Downturn
Asia-Pacific: Longer Term Trends in the Share of Throat
Opportunity Case Study: China
China: Beer to Hold Lead Beverage Position to 2013
China: Soy Beverages Gains from Milk Losses
Opportunity Case Study: India
India: Spirits to Fuel 50% of Drinks Spending by 2013
India: Dairy in Focus
Opportunity Case Study: Indonesia
Indonesia: Water to Fuel Almost Half Drinks Volume by 2013
Opportunity Case Study: Vietnam
Vietnam: Opportunities in Alcoholic Drinks

Middle East and Africa

Middle East and Africa: 2009 Snapshot
Carbonates Drive Spending in 2009
1 Billion Litre Increase for Tea in 2009
MEA Region: Longer Term Trends in Share of Throat
Drinking Yoghurt Tipped to Add Value
MEA region: Key Drinks Fortunes in Economic Downturn
Opportunity Case Study: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia: Key Carbonates Opportunity Market to 2013
Saudi Arabia: Growth Potential in Milk
Opportunity Case Study: Iran
Iran: Attractive Value Opportunity in Soft Drinks to 2013
Opportunity Case Study: Alcoholic Drinks in Nigeria
Nigeria: Alcoholic Drinks Heading for a Soft Landing

Appendix 1: Evolution of the Drinks Market in Asia-Pacific

Substantial Gains for Bottled Water: 1998-2008
China Fuels Big Increase in Juice Consumption
Beer and Spirits Steer Beverage Spending

Appendix 2: Evolution of the Drinks Market in Middle East and Africa

Limited Change in the Mix: 1998-2008
Functional and Adult Drinks on the Rise
Bottled Water Picks up Share of Wallet


General Definitions
Alcoholic Drinks Definitions
Hot Drinks Definitions
Liquid Dairy Definitions
Soft Drinks Definitions


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