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How Will Stevia Change the Sweeteners Market?

November 2012

Stevia’s arrival in the international sweeteners market is almost certain to shake up the entire area of sugar replacement, but the big question is whether it will erode volumes of existing high-intensity sweeteners or will settle comfortably alongside them with its broader focus on balanced wellness rather than dieting. In order to answer that question, this report explores the background, current status and future directions for stevia sweeteners.

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  • Up-to-the minute analysis of the latest trends in the industry
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  • Unique graphics and illustrated case studies
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  • New insight into the size and shape of the market

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Key findings
SWOT analysis: Stevia


Facts about stevia
Timeline for steviol glycosides

Supply and Demand Drivers

Supply: The battle for regulatory approval is being won...
Supply: ...but a few legislative pitfalls remain
Supply: “Natural” designation remains a cloudy area
Supply: Why the Western preference for reb-A over stevioside?
Supply: Case study – Cargill’s stevia strategy
Supply: Sustainability is a significant factor
Demand: Steviol glycosides benefit from their natural positioning
Demand: Weight management needs are significant
Demand: Filling the middle ground between sugared and sugar-free

Key Companies and Brands

Key suppliers of steviol glycosides (1)
Key suppliers of steviol glycosides (2)
Key suppliers of steviol glycosides (3)
Key suppliers of steviol glycosides (4)
Key suppliers of steviol glycosides (5)

The Market for Stevia

Rapid evolution for the “Holy Grail” sweetener

Stevia Applications: Soft Drinks

Accelerating growth in naturally healthy soft drinks
Many options for the sweetening of soft drinks
Stevia leading the drive towards more natural sweeteners
How stevia is faring against other high-intensity sweeteners
North America continues to lead but Asia Pacific is due a jump
Use of stevia differs from other high-intensity sweeteners
Natural and wellness beverages drive stevia demand
Examples of recent soft drinks NPD using stevia

Stevia Applications: Packaged Food

Confectionery: Blending with polyols reduces natural benefits
Confectionery: 5% of sweetener volume from sugar replacers
Confectionery: Stevia innovation has been limited
Yoghurt: Could stevia create new focus for reduced sugar lines?
Yoghurt: Stevia targets “no added sugar” and “reduced sugar” lines
Yoghurt: Different positioning for stevia-sweetened yoghurts
Ice cream: Need for polyols negates stevia’s natural credentials
Ice cream: Stevia must be combined with maltodextrin and polyols
Ice cream: Limited but interesting innovations
Spreads: Broader wellness focus for stevia-sweetened products
Spreads: German firms are first to explore stevia option
Snack bars: Growth in NH snack bars is unlikely to benefit stevia
Snack bars: A couple of key US brands turn to stevia

Where Next?

Stevia’s difference from other sweeteners should reap rewards
Competition from other “natural” sweeteners

Report Definitions

Data parameters and report definitions


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