Impact of EFSA's Changing Guidelines on Health and Wellness Food Claims

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Mar 2010

The European Food Safety Authority has instituted a new regulatory process to ensure that all claims made on food labels in the EU are "clear and substantiated by scientific evidence". With two thirds of the initial batch of claims rejected, the impact of this on the Health and Wellness Food and Beverages market in the region and beyond could be profound. With some claims due to be outlawed as soon as April 2010, manufacturers are now scrambling to reformulate and resubmit their claims.

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Impact of EFSA's Changing Guidelines on Health and Wellness Food Claims

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Objectives of Global Briefing
Key Findings

Regulatory Process

The Regulatory Process
The Story So Far …
Impact of Regulatory Changes Could Extend Beyond EU
October 2009: EFSA Begins to Release Opinions
October 2009: EFSA Opinions on Heart Health Claims
February 2010: Second Series of EFSA Opinions Released
Claims Approved by NDA
Claims Rejected by NDA (February 2010)

2005-2009 Food Claims Analysis

Global Nutraceuticals
Nutraceuticals: Leading Trends and Ingredients
Disease Reduction Now Accounts for Over Half of All Claims
Digestive Health Claims Under Pressure in Disease Reduction
Bright Outlook for Omega-3
Plant Sterols Boosted by EFSA Approval
Probiotics Fare Particularly Poorly at Hands of Article 13.1
As You Were in Pro/Prebiotic Drinking Yoghurt?
Case Study: What Danone Did Next
Can EFSA Breathe New Life Into Some Old Favourites?
Gum Illustrates Unforeseen Consequences of Regulation
Case Study: Lutein Supplier Seeks to Tailor its Submission


Down but Far from Out
Still in the Game: Lessons Learned from Article 13.1
Nutraceuticals: Leading Ingredients' EFSA Status (Part 1)
Nutraceuticals: Leading Ingredients' EFSA Status (Part 2)
Is FDA Getting in on the Act?
Final Conclusions


A Fast Moving Story …
Report Parameters
Data Parameters and Report Definitions
Health and Wellness Category Definitions
Health and Wellness Product Coverage