Information and Communications in Asia Pacific

July 2018

Asia Pacific became the largest information and communications industry in the world in 2017 with a turnover of USD2.2 trillion. The Asian industry is fuelled by rapid adoption of technologies and countries’ overall modernisation, which will further drive the growth above the global average. China is confidently taking the lead from developed countries, and will account for 86% of the region’s growth over 2017-2030, showing exceptional results in telecommunications and IT services.

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Asia Pacific becomes the largest industry for information and communications globally

In 2017 Asia Pacific became the leading region in the world in terms of turnover generated in the information and communications industry,surpassing North America. Over 2013-2017 it accounted for two-thirds of the total global industry’s growth, thanks to modernising economies and the region’s growing service sector. The 2017-2030 period is set to be no different, driven by ICT’s rising importance in the region’s economic progress.

China continues increasing its domination in the region

China is anticipated to drive the industry‘s progress in Asia Pacific, accounting for 86% of the total region’s turnover growth over 2017-2030. Rapidly improving ICT infrastructure quality, growing penetration of modern devices and awareness of technologies will be key factors contributing to performance.

Developed countries encounter barriers to growth

Information and communications’ turnover in developed countries is set to stagnate. Matured economies with low investment in infrastructure, coupled with sluggish GDP growth, will hamper further expansion. Nevertheless,development of advanced technologies in fields such as 5G internet, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and other provide some positivity for future growth.

Competitive landscape remains fragmented, yet concentration grows

The competitive landscape remains fragmented, as rapid growth in demand spurs the emergence of numerous companies operating in the fields of IT,media and telecommunications. Nevertheless, emerging innovative technologies pose an opportunity for large companies to increase presence.

ICT services’ trade grows in importance, yet remains limited

Trade of services in contrary to trade of goods has typically been small in AsiaPacific due to relatively closed economies and weak companies. The tendency is set to persist, with only Indian and Chinese companies potentially yielding opportunities for stronger growth internationally.


Key findings

Production Outlook

Asia Pacific becomes leading information and communications industry
Asia Pacific grows relevance in global ICT industry
China dominates the region’s growth, while others lag
Telecommunications and IT to drive Chinese industry’s growth
Developed countries stagnate; potential shifts to emerging markets
China will dominate growth for the foreseeable future
Asian ICT industry to grow on back of IT services

Competitive Landscape

Concentration remains low, yet process expected to continue
Large companies slowly concentrate the industry

Foreign Trade

Indian and Chinese companies increase international presence
Indian and Chinese companies increase international presence
Imports of ICT services remain restricted by national policies

Country Snapshots

China: Production context
Japan: Production context
India: Production context
South Korea: Production context
Indonesia: Production context
Singapore: Production context
Malaysia: Production context
Taiwan: Production context
Hong Kong (China): Production context
Thailand: Production context
Philippines: Production context
Pakistan: Production context
Bangladesh: Production context
Vietnam: Production context
Kazakhstan: Production context
Azerbaijan: Production context
Uzbekistan: Production context


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