Ingredient Trends and Innovation in Hair Care

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Mar 2017

Emerging trends in the hair care market are inspired by green and multicultural beauty as well as the latest developments in skin care. Concurrently natural ingredients with added benefits able to protect, care and repair and “fre-from” formulations will resonate strongly with consumers. The identification and understanding of key market drivers within these trends allow companies to make informed strategic innovation decisions and stay ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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Ingredient Trends and Innovation in Hair Care

Skin Care Influence

Hair care formulations have found inspiration from the latest developments in skin care. Skin care claims such as nourishing, moisturising, caring and anti-pollution are penetrating into hair care due to the growing consumer demand for hair care products with multifunctional, anti-ageing and protecting ingredients with added-value benefits.

Green Beauty

Consumers are increasingly seeking information on ingredients, reflecting a move towards greener lifestyle choices designed to avoid certain compounds in products such as parabens, sulphates or silicones. This trend is having a huge impact on the beauty and personal care market. Products containing natural botanicals, milder, responsibly sourced and even edible ingredients able to tackle pollution often carrying “free from” claims are on the rise.

Multi-cultural Beauty

The Asian K-beauty trend is having an impact on the Western cosmetics industry and this has an influence on the type of ingredients used in product formulations. Customised products for the specific needs of multicultural consumers, containing more natural and halal ingredients are emerging in the global market.

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Skin care influence
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