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Understand the global ingredients market and analyse usage in consumer products

Understand your ingredients' full potential 

Our research helps your organisation understand everything there is to know about the global ingredients market.  Measure the amount of ingredients in consumer products, analyse how ingredients are used across categories and compare patterns around the world.

Whether spotting growth opportunities for ingredients or developing new formulations, our research provides the data and context necessary to make smarter business decisions, anticipate changes in demand and adapt recipes to best meet market needs.

Harness local insight to uncover opportunities

Leverage local insight from our global network of on-the-ground analysts in developed, emerging and frontier markets.

Analyse lifestyles, incomes, attitudes, opinions and behaviour to recognise what influences consumer preferences and how tastes differ across markets.

Develop goals and challenge assumptions

Assess the market potential of new ingredients and monitor how product reformulations will influence demand.

Our ingredient research provides the strategic outlook of your industry, helping set goals by region and country and use demand forecasts to test assumptions.


Passport is our syndicated global research database offering shared access to internationally comparable market research quickly and cost effectively.

Passport advances understanding of the global industry and economic landscape in more than 200 countries, providing actionable insight to support business growth.

Providing a wealth of standardised and cross-comparable statistics and analysis, Passport supports critical decision making at the country, regional and global level.

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