Innovation in Decorative Paint

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May 2013

Factors such as health and wellness, the environment, convenience, nostalgia and technology are playing an increasingly important role in the global home paint market. Many emerging market consumers now have more money to spend and are becoming increasingly urbanised and Westernised in their tastes, while the impact of the “Great Recession” lingers on in many developed economies, where value for money is a priority for many.

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Innovation in Decorative Paint

Consumers are increasingly concerned with health and wellness, and want to make their homes safer. Products with fungicidal, anti-bacterial or antiseptic qualities,  that absorb pollutants or are “allergy-friendly” are proliferating.

In emerging markets, price remains the key factor in the purchasing decisions of the bulk of consumers, with value-added products of appeal to a small, but growing, segment of the market.

A return to heritage, tradition and craftsmanship has been a feature of the recession in many markets, and this is also having an impact in home paint, with some brands emphasising their heritage.

Smartphone apps are playing an increasingly important role in the marketing of home paint, as manufacturers seek to provide consumers with decorating advice and information about their brands “at their fingertips”.

Housing market turnover has a strong positive correlation with sales of home paint. In the US market, an incipient housing recovery is fuelling demand for paint and making consumers more receptive to value-added products.

With consumer confidence in Western Europe extremely weak, value is increasingly a top priority for many consumers. Private label and multifunctional offerings are benefiting from this.

Affluent consumers in emerging markets are exhibiting an increased interest in purchasing “green” products.

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Key Findings

Key findings

Industry Overview

US recovery boosts global growth in decorative paint
Akzo Nobel NV remains in a strong leading position

Innovation Drivers

Lead paint: A case study in global change and inertia
The drive to innovate versus marketplace realities
Certification can be a competitive advantage
EU environmental regulations are onerous for paint manufacturers


Paint makers attempt to tap into health issues
Dulux Forest Breath seeks to tap air quality concerns in China
Product safety and environmental awareness grow in importance
Allergy-friendly Valspar Plus appeals to the health conscious
Anti-bacterial paint taps into Indian family values
Evolve: Stretching claims in the name of marketing


Eco-paint for the price-conscious German consumer
(Green) value a priority for cautious Australian consumers
Sustainability in packaging to address growing eco-awareness
Easy-open pouches launched in the UK and France
Increased use of recycled materials in both paint and packaging


Convenience grows in importance in some emerging markets
Can multifunctionality re-energise growth in sluggish markets?
2-in-1 offers value to price sensitive emerging market consumers
For the time poor, convenience is key
Weak housing markets force paint makers to get creative
Small is beautiful in France


Ubiquitous internet increases price pressure on retailers
Brands rush to jump on the app bandwagon
Utilising technology to build a better brand in South Africa
Space-age heat protection is cool in Thailand
Jotashield Extreme rides to rescue of sweltering urban Turkey


Seeking comfort in nostalgia in alcoholic drinks and foodservice
Recession amplifies the retro effect in paint



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