Innovation in Plant-based Yoghurt

February 2019

Following the growing need for vegan and vegetarian products and the success of milk alternatives, dairy players have started to extend into plant-based yoghurts. New formats, ingredients, improved texture, flavour, and additional health benefits such as higher probiotic or fibre content, encourage consumers to reach out for plant-based alternatives instead of, or in an addition to their dairy-based counterparts.

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Key Findings

US and UK lead the charge in innovation in free-from dairy yoghurt

The US is the biggest contributor to the free-from dairy yoghurt market’s forecast growth, followed by France and Italy. The US and the UK see the most of innovation in terms of ingredients, health benefits, flavours, packaging formats, or bringing nostalgic positioning to consumers.

Oatly’s triumph and geographical expansion

Oatly continues to dominate, expand and grow its network of grocery retailers and foodservice outlets around the globe. The brand started with oat-based milk alternatives, which closely resemble the taste of cows’ milk, and soon became the go-to plant alternative of choice for coffee shops. Its success in Europe spread into the US in 2018, and has gone beyond milk to include yoghurt and ice cream.

Coconut an innovative ingredient

The innovation in plant-based yoghurt is driven by the use of ingredients that possess health benefits beyond gut and digestive health. Coconut is one such. Its unique properties and similarities to human milk contribute to healthy weight, immune support, coupled with antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Personalised experiences revoke nostalgia

The make-at-home yogurt kit is an innovative approach to plant-based yogurt and provides consumers with a personalised experience to create the product themselves. The kits, with glass jars, invoke nostalgic memories of childhood and give authenticity and ownership to the consumer. 

Key findings
US the biggest contributor to the free-from dairy yoghurt market
Trends impacting plant-based yoghurt
Oatly takes over the plant-based space as coffee culture blossoms
Califa Farms becomes synonymous with almond-based yoghurt
The Coconut Cult brings a jar to the table
Nush launches UK’s first plant-based yoghurt for kids in a pouch
Valio Oddlygood banks on oats’ “oddly good” health benefits
Kite Hill takes its expertise in almonds over to yoghurt
Chobani follows in the footsteps of niche plant-based start-ups
Make-at-home yoghurt kit marries health and personalisation
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