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Innovation Opportunities in Indulgence Products

December 2013

Consumers want it all and want it now. Tasty is good. Healthy and tasty is better. Healthy, tasty, portable and tailored to specific occasions is best. Price is an issue in the current economic climate, but consumers will compromise for the added value offered by the best novelties. This is why indulgence food manufacturers are developing products that provide guilt-free flavoured-enriched sensations for every consumption occasion.

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Indulgence products on their own are not enough

Nowadays, consumers consider indulgence properties on their own to be insufficient to pay a price premium. An indulgence product needs to cater to specific snacking occasions, must offer value for money, be low in calories and attract the attention of buyers through flavour experimentation.

New snacking occasions open path to commercial success

Indulgence product manufacturers are responding to these demands by introducing products that are adapted to specific snacking occasions. Examples include the introduction of biscuits that are to be consumed during or immediately after breakfast. Other innovations designed to cater for specific snacking occasions include products that can be consumed during school breaks. This is proving very popular among children who have little or no time for breakfast and are happy to consume nutritious indulgence products that supplement their daily diet.

Moving on from the mass market to premium snacking

As part of this need to cater for different consumer needs, premium indulgence product manufacturers are introducing new lines that target teenage snacking. Snacking on premium chocolate tends to be limited among teenagers, who mostly consume mass-market brands. Lindt’s introduction in early 2013 of a new product line under the label “Hello my Name is” in Austria is an example of this new trend.

Small feels good

The need to reduce calorie intake, alongside increasing demand for low-priced products, is driving demand for portion control formats. This trend is underpinning sales of bite-size chocolate in more mature markets. Bite-size formats can be shared with friends and do not need to be eaten in one go, allowing consumption to be spread over time. Nestlé’s introduction of Kit Kat Mini in 2012 in the Spanish market is an example of this trend.

What this report includes

  • Top-level strategic analysis of how major consumer trends will influence global markets
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Why buy this report

  • Identify factors driving change now and in the future
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Objectives of global briefing
Key findings (1)
Key findings (2)

Creating Snack Times

One consumer, one more snacking occasion
Belvita biscuits thrive on breakfast occasions
McVitie’s mounts a response
New entrants need to up their game
School break occasions for children
Premium snacking opportunity for teenagers
Moving from breakfast to after-lunch snacking
Pastries: Indulgence on the go for younger consumers
First portable fruit snack in Peru
Snack opportunities for Easter celebrations

Guilt-free Indulgence

Guilt-free indulgence takes weight off consumers’ shoulders
Smaller size gives larger market share to Kit Kat
Portion control: The way out for Huesitos?
Strong case for reduced fat crisps
Snickers joins battle against obesity
Probiotic chocolate: Healthy and low-calorie snack
Private label jumps on the sugar-free bandwagon
Portion control for barbecue occasions
Stevia gives healthy edge to boiled sweets

Flavour Experimentation

Taste is first and foremost requirement for indulgence success
Paprika: A German classic
Women (or men): Stay away from my snack
Coconuts in your ice cream
Leveraging the Oreo brand in ice cream
Sugar in chocolate or chocolate in sugar?
Ketchup flavour to attract younger consumers
Swiss consumers’ healthy experimentation with fruit flavours
Colombian brownies wrapped in hard chocolate


Four lessons to succeed


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