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Beauty and Personal Care in Western Europe: Trends Defining the Region

Mylan Nguyen

Mylan Nguyen

4 Jul 22

Social occasions and travel have made a comeback, boosting the recovery of fragrances, colour cosmetics and sun care in Western Europe. But inflation is now in the mix, and consumers want their beauty products to do more. New trends (hint: multifunctionality) are emerging in the region as pandemic-related changes subside. What are consumers looking for in their personal care products today and where are they buying them? Listen in to find out.


Value Creation, Sustainability, Digital Engagement and Emotional Wellness: UK Beauty in 2022

Amy Rollinson

Amy Rollinson

20 May 22

As cost of living concerns rise, value creation has become a defining feature of beauty in the UK, while digital engagement offers brands unique ways in which to connect with target consumers. Demand for sustainability remains high, with regulation leading change, while heightened awareness of mental wellbeing promotes products with ties to emotional wellness.