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Indre  Zebrauskaite

Indre Zebrauskaite Industry Analyst

Sustainability |​ Business Dynamics |​ Construction and Real Estate |​ Metals and Non-Metallic Minerals


About Indre

Indre is an Industry Analyst at Euromonitor International with a focus on  industrial research, sustainability, business dynamics and cities. Based in Vilnius, she has more than two years of industry experience. 

Indre researches global and regional industrial trends, analyses country profiles in sustainability, business dynamics, and other subjects connected to Euromonitor’s Economies and Consumers research. 

Indre advises clients across a variety of industries, including construction and real estate, utilities and recycling, metals and non-metallic mineral products. 

Indre holds more than five years of prior experience in research and analysis, covering a variety of political and economic subjects.