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Institutional Channels

Understand the full global potential for products and services in the private and public business to-business marketplace with Euromonitor International’s Passport Institutional Channels.

Through the evaluation of channels in 24 countries, Passport Institutional Channels helps your organisation analyse target markets and end users, examine market opportunities and threats, and identify the most effective routes to market.

Research applications 

  • Expand your knowledge of all units of an economy

  • Analyse and compare opportunities by market and channel

  • Obtain a clear view of potential channel growth and decline

  • Identify macro channel trends and how they differ by market

  • Examine the competitive landscape in channels worldwide

  • Develop an effective route-to-market plan


  • 15 years of historic market size data and 5 years of forecast

  • 58 institutional channel categories

  • Total number of end-users/population and establishments

  • Public/private split 

  • Additional data including employees per establishment, visitors per establishment, enrolment per school, capacity per stadium, prisoners per prison, admittances per hospital and beds per hospital


  • Dashboards deliver a visual representation of channels to reveal future opportunities and threats 

  • Country reports analyse key trends and developments in 24 national markets  

  • Analyse the contract foodservice and contract cleaning sectors around the world

  • Analyse how public sector procurement differs from private sector procurement

  • Evaluate any potential market obstacles such as regulations or audits 

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