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ISIC: Industry Codes List

ISIC 7412                          Accounting and Auditing

ISIC 314                            Accumulators, Primary Cells and Primary Batteries 

ISIC 743                            Advertising 

ISIC 2921                          Agricultural and Forestry Machinery 

ISIC 01                              Agriculture 

ISIC 62                              Air Transport 

ISIC 353                            Aircraft and Spacecraft 

ISIC 9219                          Amusement Parks and Entertainment Services 

ISIC 3312                          Appliances for Measuring, Navigating and Testing

ISIC 7421                          Architectural and Engineering Services 

ISIC 1541                          Bakery Products 

ISIC 2411                          Basic Chemicals 

ISIC 271                           Basic Iron and Steel

ISIC 272                           Basic Precious and Non-ferrous Metals 

ISIC 2913                         Bearings, Gears and Driving Elements 

ISIC 1553                         Beer

ISIC 351                           Building and Repairing of Ships and Boats 

ISIC 7493                        Building-cleaning Services 

ISIC 7414                         Business and Management Consultancies 

ISIC 63                            Cargo Handling, Transport and Travel Agencies 

ISIC 1722                        Carpets and Rugs 

ISIC 273                          Casting of Metals 

ISIC 269                          Cement, Stone and Ceramic Products

ISIC 269                          Ceramic, Clay, Cement, Lime and Stone Products 

ISIC 1543                         Chocolate and Sugar Confectionery 

ISIC 2424                        Cleaning and Personal Care Products 

ISIC 181                           Clothing

ISIC 2892                        Coating of Metals and Mechanical Engineering 

ISIC 1549                        Coffee, Tea, Spices and Ready Meals

ISIC 231                          Coke Oven Products 

ISIC 41                            Collection and Distribution of Water 

ISIC 72                            Computer and Related Services 

ISIC 30                            Computers and Office Machinery 

ISIC 45                            Construction 

ISIC 1723                        Cordage, Rope, Twine and Netting 

ISIC 2102                        Corrugated Paper, Paperboard and Containers 

ISIC 2893                        Cutlery, Hand Tools and General Hardware 

ISIC 152                          Dairy Products 

ISIC 2109                        Disposable Paper Products and Other Articles of Paper 

ISIC 293                          Domestic Appliances 

ISIC 9214                        Dramatic Arts and Music Services 

ISIC 182                          Dressing and Dyeing of Fur 

ISIC 80                           Education 

ISIC 315                           Electric Lamps and Lighting Equipment 

ISIC 311                           Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers 

ISIC 319                          Electrical Equipment for Engines and Vehicles 

ISIC 312                          Electricity Distribution and Control Apparatus

ISIC 321                          Electronic Components, Valves and Tubes 

ISIC 2911                         Engines and Turbines, excl. Aircraft, Vehicle and Cycles

ISIC 11                             Extraction of Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas 

ISIC 2412                        Fertilisers and Nitrogen Compounds

ISIC 9211                         Film making

ISIC 1712                         Finishing of Textiles 

ISIC 1512                         Fish and Fish Products 

ISIC 05                            Fishing 

ISIC 192                          Footwear 

ISIC 02                           Forestry 

ISIC 2891                        Forging of Metal and Powder Metallurgy

ISIC 1513                         Fruit and Vegetables 

ISIC 9303                        Funeral and Related Services 

ISIC 182                          Fur and Fur Articles in Canada

ISIC 361                          Furniture 

ISIC 261                          Glass and Glass Products 

ISIC 1531                         Grain Mill Products 

ISIC 2219                        Greeting Cards and Calendars 

ISIC 9302                       Hairdressing and Beauty Treatment 

ISIC 851                          Hospitals, Medical and Dental Services 

ISIC 1549                        Hot Drinks, Snacks, Spices and Ready Meals 

ISIC 551                           Hotels and Camping Sites 

ISIC 2424                        Household Cleaning and Personal Care Products

ISIC 2914                        Industrial and Laboratory Furnaces 

ISIC 3313                         Industrial Process Control Equipment 

ISIC 313                           Insulated Wire and Cable 

ISIC 66                            Insurance and Pension Funding 

ISIC 7492                        Investigation and Security Services 

ISIC 3691                        Jewellery and Related Articles 

ISIC 173                           Knitted and Crocheted Articles 

ISIC 1729                        Labels, Badges and Felt 

ISIC 7411                         Legal Services 

ISIC 923                          Library, Museums and Cultural Services 

ISIC 2915                         Lifting and Handling Equipment 

ISIC 1912                         Luggage, Handbags and Saddlery 

ISIC 2922                        Machine Tools

ISIC 2924                        Machinery for Construction, Mining and Quarrying 

ISIC 2925                        Machinery for Food, Beverage and Tobacco Processing 

ISIC 2923                        Machinery for Metallurgy 

ISIC 2929                        Machinery for Rubber, Plastics and Paper Industries

ISIC 2926                        Machinery for Textile and Apparel Production 

ISIC 2922                        Machine-tools 

ISIC 1721                         Made-up Textile Articles 

ISIC 1553                         Malt Liquors 

ISIC 243                          Man-made Fibers 

ISIC 402                          Manufacture and Distribution of Gas 

ISIC 7413                         Market Research 

ISIC 1511                          Meat and Meat Products 

ISIC 3311                          Medical and Surgical Equipment 

ISIC 2899                        Metal Packaging, Wire and Other Fabricated Metal Products

ISIC 10                             Mining of Coal and Lignite; Extraction of Peat 

ISIC 13                             Mining of Metal Ores 

ISIC 12                             Mining of Uranium and Thorium Ores 

ISIC 322                           Mobile Phones, Radio Transmitters and TV Cameras 

ISIC 651                           Monetary Intermediation 

ISIC 9211                         Motion Picture and Video Production 

ISIC 9212                         Motion Picture Projection 

ISIC 34                             Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Semi-trailers 

ISIC 359                           Motorcycles and Bicycles 

ISIC 359                           Motorcycles, Bicycles and Other Transport Equipment

ISIC 9212                         Movie Theatres

ISIC 3692                        Musical Instruments 

ISIC 922                          News Agencies 

ISIC 2919                         Non-dom. Air-conditioning, Packaging and GP Machinery

ISIC 332                           Optical Instruments and Photographic Equipment 

ISIC 7499                         Other Business Services 

ISIC 7495                         Packaging Services 

ISIC 2422                         Paints and Varnishes 

ISIC 1544                         Pasta and Noodles

ISIC 3699                        Pens, Lighters, Umbrellas and Other Personal Items 

ISIC 2421                         Pesticides and Other Agro-chemical Products 

ISIC 1533                          Pet Food and Animal Feeds

ISIC 2423                          Pharmaceuticals 

ISIC 2429                          Photochemicals, Explosives and Other Chemicals 

ISIC 7494                          Photographic Services 

ISIC 2413                          Plastic in Primary Forms and Synthetic Rubber

ISIC 252                            Plastic Products

ISIC 2413                          Plastics in Primary Forms and of Synthetic Rubber 

ISIC 641                            Post and Courier Services 

ISIC 1533                          Prepared Animal Feeds 

ISIC 222                            Printing 

ISIC 233                            Processing of Nuclear Fuel 

ISIC 401                            Production, Collection and Distribution of Electricity 

ISIC 75                               Public Administration, Defence and Social Security

ISIC 2211                          Publishing of Books 

ISIC 2219                          Publishing of Calendars, Forms, Cards & Other Items

ISIC 2212                          Publishing of Newspapers and Journals 

ISIC 2213                          Publishing of Recorded Audio Media 

ISIC 2101                          Pulp, Paper and Paperboard 

ISIC 2912                          Pumps, Compressors, Taps and Valves 

ISIC 14                               Quarrying of Stone, Sand and Clay 

ISIC 9213                          Radio and TV Broadcasting 

ISIC 352                            Railway and Tramway Locomotives and Rolling Stock 

ISIC 70                               Real Estate Activities 

ISIC 7491                          Recruitment Agencies 

ISIC 371                            Recycling of Metal Waste and Scrap 

ISIC 372                            Recycling of Non-metal Waste and Scrap

ISIC 232                            Refined Petroleum Products 

ISIC 712                            Renting of Agricultural, Construction and Other Machinery 

ISIC 7113                          Renting of Air Transport Equipment 

ISIC 7111                          Renting of Land Transport Equipment 

ISIC 713                            Renting of Personal and Household Goods 

ISIC 7112                          Renting of Water Transport Equipment 

ISIC 223                            Reproduction of Recorded Media 

ISIC 73                               Research and Development 

ISIC 552                            Restaurants, Bars and Canteens 

ISIC 52                               Retail

ISIC 602                            Road Passenger and Freight Transport 

ISIC 251                            Rubber Products 

ISIC 50                               Sale, Maintenance and Repair of Motor Vehicles, Retail Sale of Automotive Fuel 

ISIC 90                               Sewage and Sanitation 

ISIC 351                            Ships and Boats

ISIC 853                            Social Work Services 

ISIC 1554                          Soft Drinks 

ISIC 9309                          Solariums, Spas and Similar Services 

ISIC 1711                          Spinning of Textile Fibers; Weaving of Textiles 

ISIC 1551                          Spirits 

ISIC 924                            Sporting and Recreational Services 

ISIC 3693                          Sports Goods 

ISIC 1532                          Starches and Starch Products 

ISIC 403                            Steam and Hot Water Supply 

ISIC 2813                          Steam Generators 

ISIC 2811                          Structural Metal Products 

ISIC 1542                          Sugar 

ISIC 2812                          Tanks, Reservoirs and Containers 

ISIC 1911                          Tanning and Dressing of Leather 

ISIC 7422                          Technical Testing and Analysis 

ISIC 1729                          Technical Textiles, Labels, Badges and Other Textile Products

ISIC 642                            Telecommunications 

ISIC 323                            Television and Radio Receivers, Sound and Video Recording Devices

ISIC 9214                          Theatre and Music Production

ISIC 16                               Tobacco Products 

ISIC 3694                          Toys and Games 

ISIC 91                               Trade Unions, Professional, Political Organisations

ISIC 603                            Transport via Pipelines 

ISIC 601                            Transport via Railways 

ISIC 1514                          Vegetable and Animal Oils and Fats 

ISIC 1513                          Vegetable, Potato and Fruit Products

ISIC 852                            Veterinary Services 

ISIC 9301                          Washing and (dry-) Cleaning 

ISIC 333                            Watches and Clocks 

ISIC 61                               Water Transport 

ISIC 2927                          Weapons and Ammunition 

ISIC 181                            Wearing Apparel 

ISIC 51                               Wholesale

ISIC 1552                          Wines and Cider

ISIC 20                               Wood and Wood Products